Sweeter Than Sugar

ok. this is a quick update. as i mentioned in my previous post, we lost to UITM Sabah in a friendly match? yeah. we meet that team in semi final n we kick ass man!!!! we beat them by far.... 43-10. how's that? huh? huh? fuuuuh! revenge is sweeeet XD *evil grin* thats all folks. i'll update you guys with the sports carnival once i'm thru with all the assignments n presentation. (pics will b upload)

song of da day: Criminal - Britney Spears

The One That Got Away

"you didnt love her
you jus didnt wanna b alone
mayb she was good for ur ego
or maybe she made u feel better about ur miserable life
you didnt love her
becoz u didnt destroy the person that you love"

                              -grey's anatomy-

song of da day: Lies - T-Ara


sakitnya hati.... urgh i'm so very upset. yes.
we have friendly match with UITM Sabah yesterday n we lost. so UITM athletes which we thot alaa... kacang putih (easy peasy) prove to us that there r not sth that we can close one eye to take em down. ok here goes the story....

in the previous Borneo game, UMSabah was the champion in netball. therefore there is this kind of pressure where we hafta defend the title no matter what.

so ysterday we hafta go to this place callled Sepayang? i'm not very sure of that name. well, i'm not local. thats y.. haha. the game start at 4pm. i repeat 4pm. BUT, the car came and fetch us at 5pm. so we're already late for like 1 hour. n then, there was this very bad accident that involved a car and a train. it was bad, the car was on fire. i'm really sorry for the accident but jus imagine the traffic! dayumnnnn! we were stuck in the traffic for an hour man!

you do the maths. we were late for for like 2 hours. coach keep calling us asking where in the world are we (oh hell yeah she was really angry with us). once we reach there, without any proper warming up and stretching we straight away play since the other team is going back already. we're really very late rmmber? but we manage to play for 10 mins with em.

gawd we were so lost in the game. its like we're confused, panic and shocked. 1st 5 mins was a disaster. last 5 mins was better but still a disaster. -.- can u imagine how angry our coach was at that tym?? really very angry. scooper duper angry. SIGH....

the whole team was playing like god knows how. gawd. i was terrible. i was sandwiched by 2 defenders n i goes boom! panic. so i was malfunction since i cant move. i tried but the ref will blow me for contact. *another big sigh* combination was out since there's a sudden change with our center player. passing was out since there's no drill at all. *really huge sigh*

the look at UITM athletes' face. gawd like they own it. sigh.....

neway, we still have another match with em which is 2day. so... we're really gonna try our best.  we'll UNLEASH THE BEAST in us. (result for watching too much power rangers)

y we were so devastated is that we're goin to go against this UITM sabah team for the qualification round at the real game. GET IT? we cant lose... we cant freaking lose to em. apart from UITM Sabah, we will also go against UITM Sarawak. wuts with UITM n us man?

song of da day: Let It Go - Heo Young Saeng feat Hyunah
song starts at 0:34

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