Dear Hein Jordens....

twenty years from now, you will b more disappointed by the things you didnt do than by the ones you did do.
so throw off the bowliness.
sail away from safe harbor.
catch the trade winds in your sails.
explore dream...
and discover..

you should never regret of telling someone the truth.
i'm proud of what u did. =)
coz i know it took you loads of guts.

and thanx for being an awesome fren.

thanx for being there when i'm down

thanx for the Dutch lesson. eventho i suck baaad. like BIG TIME. i couldnt even do the rolling R but u still being so patient with me. and i still wrongly spelt goede nacht in our last conversation. but i know how to pronouns it ok! hehe

thanx for being such a great learner. but cant give u much credit on that since malay is sooooo easy! HAHA

thanx for hearing when i whine or crapping so much n i cant stop. yet u still say go on.

thanx for the webbie... for playing bass LIVE for me. haha. u're jus so good at it.

thanx for making me go "awwwhh" all the tym.

thanx for giving me ur champ. he's awesome!

and thanx. jus thank you so much hein.. =)

yours truly,

Whatever Happened?

i'm nice until u give me a reason not to be. its fairly predictable, no?

song of da day: Time To Love - T-Ara & Supernova (remix)
this song is the best kpop song eva. it have the most impact on me. i'll listen to this whenever i'm frustrated, sad, angry or happy even. and vice versa, i'll get all those emotions when i listen to this song. i kinda like the original version more.

Creme De La Crap

so so so so i'm lost for words. what was i wanted to say? ok.. i am a lil tired n sleepy atm.. was trying to lose some weight just now. so yah..

i've been posting alot lately!! gawsh this is the 12th post for the month. wha? O.O haha. u might get tired of me posting already.

you wanna know y? coz i'm dying in boredom at HOME!

wanna hang out? HAHA. i'm broke! so i dun think so. since i am jus you know... staying at home... no school means no monthly allowance. and JOBLESS. i am so frigging lazy to look for a job okayh. i have issues where i feel shy to ask if they're hiring "hey, i'm looking for a job. any free vacancy?" pffft...
therefore.. there's only 1 thing to do. i need to ask money from my dear brothers n sisters. lalalala~

i still havent see the point of this post. -.-

anywhooooo... this is RANDOM! i hate one word text msges. what more, when someone replied "K"
what the...? can u plz at least show more appreciation to my bloody long text? >.>

so the next tym someone replied K, i'm goin to say this.
"K? K what? K the letter before L, the letter after J? Do you know that in JK, K stands for "Kidding". So your reply is "Kidding?" Or K as in Potassium? Do you need some Special K breakfast? K, as in I can K/O you? Can I knock you out and feed you to hungry sharks? Sharks has a K in it".

gawsh, i'm just plain weird tonyt... must b my hormone. owh well, there's one more thing that annoys me atm.
THE RADIO STATION SUCKS! sorry about the caps lock. it makes u scream in ur head, dun it? hehe =p

okay.. i have no idea what happened to good music nowadays? they play the same songs over n over again for an infinite number of times. and mainly all the "lets get wasted tonyt" songs. and the lyrics.. bloody repetitive. i mean, seriusly? i have no problem watsoeva with this kind of songs but it gets annoying coz its not even as good as last time. plus, they need to cut back some commercial okayh! in 1 hour, i can count the number of songs they played with mah fingers.

Alice, enuf with the whining will yah? KTHXBYE.

song of da day: That Should Be Me - Justin Bieber feat Rascal Flatts

i just think i need to ask you to listen to JB's gf song too. Who Says - Selena Gomez & The Scene
p/s: i love this this song but why... why.. it has to be Selena Gomez? yah. i dun like her! from what i know, she stole Nick Jonas away from Miley Cyrus. i love Miley Cyrus. Hannah Montana rocks! but not nemore since she acted like a Britney Spears wannabe. really? we dun need another Spears, do we?

ok where is this going? gawsh u really hafta STOP. -the end-

wait!!! be4 that. one last thought. you know when you walk into sth disgusting/creepy, you automatically turn into a KARATE CHOPPING NINJA! haha XD cool ay?

When Love Takes Over

I AM =)
i love youu youu youu youuu!! =*

song of da day : We No Speak Americano - Yolanda Be Cool

Me Being Vain


HAHA! *wink*
song of da day: Never Gonna Leave This Bed - Maroon 5

Hold On!

God knows what he's doing..
and maybe He has a bigger plan for me than i had for myself =)

so jus keep holding on...

song of da day: Love - CN Blue

p/s: how can u resist the lead singer's cuteness! gawsh!
note for pika...
if u're reading this. i know u're gonna say.
"he's my burning! back off! look only at ur lovely!"

its not my fault lovely cant really be seen in this MV.
so... only for this MV.. i'm goin after ur burning. hehe..

Hopeless Dreamer

If i go to a place where the sunshine hits,
and if i spread my hands.
will i be able to fly past the sky?
thats what i thought.

the wings that can make me fly away r still invisible.
maybe its because things arent that simple.

got my result 2day n gawsh i am feeling so sad atm.
i managed to put myself in the distinction range.
well, not good enuf!
i want to b a doctor.. n i hafta be in the high distinction

being a doctor. that's my dream since i was a lil kid.
what a big dream i happened to have.
but i always din put enough effort to reach for it.
and i am always not good enuf.
i keep being a disappointment. to my parents. to my family. to myself.

tears started to overflow..
so i asked, what went wrong?
i thot i'm gonna do great for sem 2.
i got full mark for my quizzes
i did well for my mid sem test.
i worked harder
i studied smarter and
i handled stuff better
but what went wrong?

there's always a reason for whatever happened.
and i hold on to that
"but u cant give me that kind of statement to explain this result".
thats what my mum said.
and hell yeah she's right...
i'm sorry i cant give u better than this.
i'm sorry....

there's nth much i can do isnt there?
i am feeling so jealous of my frens that manage to go overseas to further their studies.
but thats ok.. i am goin overseas. in the future, for HOLIDAYS. not for study purpose!
well, thats just to console myself. and its not even really helping.

kak na... i know u're gonna read this.
plz dun ask me nething.
i am so scared i wont b able to explain nething.
i know exactly what u're gonna say
and i'm sorry...

so.. atm, i really dunno what to do..
what course am i gonna take?
i've narrowed my choices down to 4 courses
i dun like maths. not chemistry either.
i have passion for biology. thus, explained these choices of mine

1) Psychology
2) Biomedic
3) Microbiology
4) Gene Technology

i need to do more research on these 4 courses. omg.. i am feeling so down..
u know, it doesnt make sense to let go of the dreams you had for so long
but it also doesnt make sense to hold on when there's actlly nth there.

p/s: i still thank god for giving me a good result. =)

song of da day: Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO feat Lauren Bennett and GoonRock
feeling depressed? earphone in, volume up, ignore the world!

Three Gold Words

The feeling i get when he says i love you....
i get this big smile on my face...
my heart melts..

but sometimes those 3 words don't seem like enough for someone whose smile brightens my day.
whose touch can make me forget the rest of the world.
his voice in my head.. it keeps me sane..

he is the first thing i think of each morning when i rise.
he is the last thing i think of each night when i close my eyes.
he is in each thought i have.

song of da day: Just A Kiss - Lasy Antebellum

A City Kid. more like A Spoilt Kid.

this is a short conversation between my elder sista, Azriana n my younger sista, Azmira

Azriana : what song r u listening to?
Azmira : Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan. check it out!
Azriana : pffft. this song is old...
Azmira : so? ur mum is old u still listen to her.
Azriana : =0 =/ -.-


and Azmira a.k.a Ya here, tend to use the beautiful F word very frequently. maybe it is sth cool nowadays cuz apparently, her circle of frens been using that word like nobody's business too. like in every sentence. -.- call me old fashioned, but i dun think thats really appropriate especially when she called me fucker. i mean, wha? O.O

Azmira : fucker, what r u doin?
Azliza : EXCUSE MOI???
*Azmira walks away*
seriusly. wth? u're only 14!!!

but she only dare to use that word in front of me. coz if she ever say the F word in front of nebodyelse in the house. the first thing my family goin to do is they're gonna incinerate her tounge.  and its not goin to b pretty.

song of da day: Dancing Tonight - Kat Deluna feat Fo Onassis

i love KAT DELUNA. all her songs make me wanna get up there,DANCE n forget the world. =)

p/s: i know she's goin to kill me when she reads this

Its Fading...

well thats that.

moving on.. i went thru my old playlist in you tube. yeah.. really.. i have nth to do at home.. i start doing these kind of stuff. result: positive! dayumn! there are so many good music that i used to love n addicted to. its sad that i've totally forgotten all about it.

have i ever mention that i love Cascada, Muse and 30 Seconds to Mars? and oh, not to forget, Robyn and I Hate Kate?

these are some reeeaaallly good songs from my old playlist. and gawsh! each songs tell a story. when i listen to em again, memories of when i first listened to it, both fond or not came rushing in. like memories in high school, relationships, friendship, places, certain individuals. haha. its like reading a novel about ur own life. pretty cool ay? i shud really continue making playlist for future me. n that will b awesome!

here you go as promise.. ^^

Cascada - Shut Up, Everytime We Touch, Miracle, Evacuate the Dance Floor (TECHNO ROCKS!)

Muse - Shrinking Universe, Supermassive Blackhole, Time Is Running Out

30sTM - Beautiful Lie, The Kill

Robyn - Konichiwa Bitches, Handle Me, Bum Like You

I Hate Kate - Then You Kiss, Its Always Better

Demi Lovato - Catch Me, Until You're Mine

Rihanna - Cry

Keri Hilson - Knock You Down

One Republic feat Sara Bareilles - Come Home


p/s: i'm too lazy to put link. so....feel free to search it in You Tube! ^^

Happy Mothers Day!!

song of da day: I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better - G. NA feat Doo Joon Hyung (BEAST)
and again, the song has got nth to do with the post. love you mummy!! XD

Celebrating Randomness

I want to be the girl he smiles at and turns to his frens and says.. "That's her" =)

song of da day: Best Love Song - T-Pain feat Chris Brown

Bloody PMS

ok, so i've never experience any physical symptoms. thank god! can never bear the pain. but i do experience behavioral and emotional symptoms. and it can b really bad...

mood swings, feelings of sadness, anger n i'll go STFU! at everyone. i'm sorry Ya(lil sister). i told u my hormone is not right yet you still keep on talking craps at meh. there you go. sorry...

seriously, its really bad until there was this one time, i cried for hours and i dun even know why i cried. i just felt so sad, like really SAD. so there was nth else to do but to cry. sisters was like 'what is wrong' 'what is wrong'? n i was crying and talking at the same time. 'i dunno' 'i dunno'. it was hilarious.

allow me to remind you to STAY AWAY FROM ME if u see i'm moody/cranky or is crying like nobody's business.

and that children, is the end of today's lesson. =)

p/s: this is just some random stuff - i feel useless when the person that i care is sad or depressed and there's nothing i can do to fix things. =(


The Need For Adjustment

Dear 3 am.. we have got to stop meeting this way. i'd much rather sleep with you...


ok, maybe a lil review about the movie Closer. this beatiful song is its soundtrack. i rate this movie 7/10.
yeah.. its pretty lame that i just watched this movie recently. the thing is, the dvd is there since forever. its just that i never feel like watching it until the other day when my circle of frens started to like 'Closer is a good movie bla bla bla'. so i give it a shot. n yah, it turned out good. hell yeah, i went emotional watching this movie. i was pissed, i was sad. but no tears. haha, the movie is one of a kind n its great. really love it XD
p/s: i love Alice(natalie portman)!! not because of the name, its her char. she's a survivor!

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