The Need For Adjustment

Dear 3 am.. we have got to stop meeting this way. i'd much rather sleep with you...


ok, maybe a lil review about the movie Closer. this beatiful song is its soundtrack. i rate this movie 7/10.
yeah.. its pretty lame that i just watched this movie recently. the thing is, the dvd is there since forever. its just that i never feel like watching it until the other day when my circle of frens started to like 'Closer is a good movie bla bla bla'. so i give it a shot. n yah, it turned out good. hell yeah, i went emotional watching this movie. i was pissed, i was sad. but no tears. haha, the movie is one of a kind n its great. really love it XD
p/s: i love Alice(natalie portman)!! not because of the name, its her char. she's a survivor!


pika said...

alice , 1 thng i wanna say . ur song's making me feel sleepy . arhh!! mmg lullaby sugguh ! adeyh =,='

Alice said...

best la!! hahaha XD stop listening to kpop!

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