Its Fading...

well thats that.

moving on.. i went thru my old playlist in you tube. yeah.. really.. i have nth to do at home.. i start doing these kind of stuff. result: positive! dayumn! there are so many good music that i used to love n addicted to. its sad that i've totally forgotten all about it.

have i ever mention that i love Cascada, Muse and 30 Seconds to Mars? and oh, not to forget, Robyn and I Hate Kate?

these are some reeeaaallly good songs from my old playlist. and gawsh! each songs tell a story. when i listen to em again, memories of when i first listened to it, both fond or not came rushing in. like memories in high school, relationships, friendship, places, certain individuals. haha. its like reading a novel about ur own life. pretty cool ay? i shud really continue making playlist for future me. n that will b awesome!

here you go as promise.. ^^

Cascada - Shut Up, Everytime We Touch, Miracle, Evacuate the Dance Floor (TECHNO ROCKS!)

Muse - Shrinking Universe, Supermassive Blackhole, Time Is Running Out

30sTM - Beautiful Lie, The Kill

Robyn - Konichiwa Bitches, Handle Me, Bum Like You

I Hate Kate - Then You Kiss, Its Always Better

Demi Lovato - Catch Me, Until You're Mine

Rihanna - Cry

Keri Hilson - Knock You Down

One Republic feat Sara Bareilles - Come Home


p/s: i'm too lazy to put link. so....feel free to search it in You Tube! ^^


maiya said...

Aahh, the comments sure do resonates with meh..

maiya said...

i mean, those words..... (hatche, my first comment n i write nonsense, aiyoo.

Azmira said...

110 % agree with you!! and u remind me of Gavin!!! :(

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