Three Gold Words

The feeling i get when he says i love you....
i get this big smile on my face...
my heart melts..

but sometimes those 3 words don't seem like enough for someone whose smile brightens my day.
whose touch can make me forget the rest of the world.
his voice in my head.. it keeps me sane..

he is the first thing i think of each morning when i rise.
he is the last thing i think of each night when i close my eyes.
he is in each thought i have.

song of da day: Just A Kiss - Lasy Antebellum


Azmira said...

lasy antebellum??? *LOL*. nway im on my way to forget him (JERK) !!! i dont want to tie my heart to a person who has nothing to offer me!!!

Alice said...

roflmao!!!! sorreyyh! haha. *LADY
satisfied now? and puhlease ya.. >.> seriously? u hafta STOP!

Anonymous said...

oh my *gucci* ! haha . u hav fall very deeply3 to him yeah . haha . klaka la ble tringt ape y alice ckp tyme kt matrik n ape y jd lua matrik niy . hahaha ;p

A Place Called Here said...

oh my jimmy choo! haha. shhh... things changed la.. sigh... i oso dunno what happened... hmm.. but funny kan? hehe

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