Bloody PMS

ok, so i've never experience any physical symptoms. thank god! can never bear the pain. but i do experience behavioral and emotional symptoms. and it can b really bad...

mood swings, feelings of sadness, anger n i'll go STFU! at everyone. i'm sorry Ya(lil sister). i told u my hormone is not right yet you still keep on talking craps at meh. there you go. sorry...

seriously, its really bad until there was this one time, i cried for hours and i dun even know why i cried. i just felt so sad, like really SAD. so there was nth else to do but to cry. sisters was like 'what is wrong' 'what is wrong'? n i was crying and talking at the same time. 'i dunno' 'i dunno'. it was hilarious.

allow me to remind you to STAY AWAY FROM ME if u see i'm moody/cranky or is crying like nobody's business.

and that children, is the end of today's lesson. =)

p/s: this is just some random stuff - i feel useless when the person that i care is sad or depressed and there's nothing i can do to fix things. =(



Anonymous said...

pdn muke !! hua3 . kt kms dlu un same gak cmtu . mmg sgt2 la plek siap kne pndg plek agy ngn kte . haha . alice2 , mcm2 . *cm org tue x ayt ? hee~

Alice said...

agak tua gak r.. tp x seteruk awk la.. hari2 PMS kot! bgn pg tiba2 PMS. blk klas tiba2 PMS. tym mkn tiba2 PMS. nak tido pun PMS. tsk tsk tsk. scary ta-u?!!

azmira said...

tu lah pasal...i yg spatutnya marah2...i yg sakit hati...nway its okay lah...:)

Alice said...

err.. in my defense, u mmg nak sakitkn hati i tym 2 kan..i know i shouldnt curse but still, its not all my fault. ^^

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