I Jus Think That You Should Know

I HATE WAITING. i mean who does? there is nothing more annoying than waiting. IT SUCKS OK!

song of da day: Grey Skies - Alexa Wilkinson

The 4 Majesties Quest

yeah... thats Eng Leong, Farah, n urs truly ^^ n..Jeev is missing.
well, becoz of that, we made a video specially for jeev CLICK HERE. warning! we look retarded! cant believe its on You Tube. Farah jus wanna upload it in FB but she failed to do so. so she jus hafta use my acc and upload it in You Tube. public embarassment.

so we jus hang out. sit n talk while eating pizza, biscuit, garlic bread, n junk food.

i told em about i'm seeing someone. n jeev was like WTF? farah went all so excited about it. n Eng Leong is Eng Leong. he acted like he couldnt care less. he was jus so sad that i'm with someone. haha.

oh.. i jus love em! u have no idea. seriously, back then in college i even wrote their names on post-it n stick it on the wall so that i can get thru the day easier.

btw, eevern is my close fren. =) he is a good looking guy with a great personality. i tell him everything. everything as in everything. weird.. maybe becoz we have a lot in common.

neway, here are more pics from today

after meeting besties, i went 2 my nephew's bday bash. Happy bday Ahmad Aiman Firdaus. he turned 5 last Friday. Right after that, badminton with family. even my mum played. She shocked the hell out of me. She's pretty good at it. haha. no offense mummy ^^ not that i looked down on her or wut. teehee

it was one of my best day. with em around me, my life is complete... ^^

song of da day: Judas - Lady Gaga

p/s: i know i am not suppose 2 listen to this song becoz of the lyrics. i jus enjoy the tune of this song.

Celebrating Randomness

song of da day: I Do - Colbie Caillat

This Is It! I'm Living It Baby! The Good Life..

things seem perfect atm. =) yes, i am happy.

well, i have finished my foundation n ofcourse, hello looong holiday. 5 months ok.

n urs truly is currently in love.. went for the 1st date 2day. and... it went out well =)

what more, i am now having my life back at home.

what else can a girl ask for?

song of da day: How Am I Supposed To Live Without You - Michael Bolton with Kenny G

p/s: weird i listened 2 tis kind of song? well, he asked me 2 listen 2 tis. tis song is pretty cool aye?

Scooper Duper EXCITED!

WOOOOTS!!!  i am in the mood for screaming, jumping, dancing coz hell yeah!! freeedom!!!
finally! my foundation is coming to an end. next wednesday urs truly is gonna sit for her final paper n hello farewell.

no one is actually studying except for the accountancy students coz they still have one subject left. and as for the science students. wooohooo! 1 objective paper left.

all i need to do now is pack pack pack all my stuff coz i'm going back home. whee~~

owh n yes. laundry -.-"

song of da day: All About Him - Auburn

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