This Is It! I'm Living It Baby! The Good Life..

things seem perfect atm. =) yes, i am happy.

well, i have finished my foundation n ofcourse, hello looong holiday. 5 months ok.

n urs truly is currently in love.. went for the 1st date 2day. and... it went out well =)

what more, i am now having my life back at home.

what else can a girl ask for?

song of da day: How Am I Supposed To Live Without You - Michael Bolton with Kenny G

p/s: weird i listened 2 tis kind of song? well, he asked me 2 listen 2 tis. tis song is pretty cool aye?


Anonymous said...

huhu, yeah . u r truly in love . hahaha
hati tga b'bunge2 . ngeh3.
alice, ur listened to his music which is like a lullaby for me . so 'pelik'!! haha .
niy kalo ejek mst best . hua3!!
gtau shu !!
p/s : u kno me well , so , i dun wanna write my name ;p

Alice said...

hahahha. PIKACHU!!!! rindu giler taw x! ='(
so pelik kt dgr lagu ni kan? its sooo like a freaking lullaby. but its not that bad laa sayang. u shud lyn lagu2 camni gak, BIEBER!! teehee

pika said...

hahaha .
yup , lyn lgu niy smpai kte tido .
ha, great for my 'tido' plylist in my mp3 .
huhu .
em alice , lose the bieber plez . haha . rndu dye maa XD

Alice said...

not gonna!! BIEBER BIEBER BIEBER BIEBER BIEBER. hhehe. x jumpa profile dia lg ke?

pika said...

rsenye dye xd fb kowt or dye ltk gmba y xd org knl . dye kn 'popular' . haha . xtau la btol ke x . ngee~

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