a few ppl asked me what is my type of guy. n i was thinking about this so y not blog about it right?

smart ass

now that are basically every woman's dream guy. but lets get real. buzz me if u can find a guy that have the package that include all 4 things listed above. *lift eyebrow*

so back to the question, my type of guy. i'll jus keep it simple coz after all, nobody cares. y bother type for so long. HAHA.

my type of guy is someone i will look up to
my type of guy is someone that puts education first. knows that education is important
my type of guy is not necessarily a good looking person. pleasant in my eyes n its fine
my type of guy must have sense of humor
my type of guy does not have mind like a close container (if u know what i mean)
my type of guy must be someone mature, someone i can depend on and have a nice attitude
my type of guy must be someone who can lead me in becoming a good muslimah

so i guess thats about it.

before i end this post, i jus want to shout out a few general msges to guys out there.
basically, woman feels this way but i might b wrong, maybe its just me.

be yourself. dont go on acting like someone she will like instead of being urself. i mean, how long you can put up with all the act huh?
do not be immature. dont whine or SWEAR if u dun get what you want or when sth pisses you off. u'll jus make urself looking like a fool. be calm and collected whenever possible.
work hard and try to get good grades in ur study.
get ur body posture right! dont slump, keep a straight back.
dont go around smelling like wha? take care of your body odour. and ur image. it doesnt have to be expensive clothes. smart and nice clothes will do. p/s: its a bonus if u have pax and knows how to play musical instruments! :p haha
try to be well rounded. athletic, have good grades, friendly etc etc

this is not swearing, this is what u called humor. dont be a close container :)
i plan for a very brief post but its not my fault this fingers wont stop *wink*

song of da day: Fix a Heart - Demi Lovato

Back Home

hello earthlings! :)
just a quick post to let you know that i'm still alive. holla!
anywhooo... i'm home and gosh its a bliss to b here. well for the most part, meal was easy. endless delicious foods (unlike in UMS, i hafta walk so far to the cafe for suckish not so awesome foods). car rides, pretty simple. (i dun have car in UMS)

ppl at home are all a lil bz with my bro's wedding coming soon on 7th of July and my sis' wedding after that on 10th of November. but thats not what i want to talk about.

u see i was planning to jog at taman bukit jalil this holidays. on the weekend w my sis n alone during the weekdays but i got to know that there was a murder case there recently. :0 seriusly?? u must b joking!

nope its fer real. its been goin on news etc etc

hell yeah i'm scared and i'll never go there ever if i'm alone. sad case. TBJ is awesome

so where am i suppose to jog now huh?? 

song of da day: Naked - Dev feat Enrique Iglesias


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