Keep Calm Cause Soon I'm Gonna Be a Psychologist

this is the 5th week of my 5th semester. i'm already a super senior! oh how time flies.

managed to obtained another first class gpa for my 4th semester which marks my short term goal. 4 consecutive first class honours. all praise to Allah :)

so, new semester, new subjects

1) Abnormal psychology
2) Psychological Testing and Measurement
3) Consumerism and Marketing
4) Safety and Health in the Workplace
5) Laws for Social Workers
6) Health Social Work

may He ease my journey throughout this semester.
since i'm already in my final year lets talk about future planning shall we?

currently i am majoring in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (IO Psych) where basically i study about human behavior in major organizations to increase productivity and study any related issues like health, mental and physical well being of employees and etcetera. after graduating, i plan to further my studies by taking master degree in Clinical Psychology where later i will be able to work in health facilities like hospitals and mental health facilities. handling mental illness, abnormal behaviors and psychiatric problems. how interesting!! right? right? well thats my passion.

so thats about it. but say i get an awesome job after graduating, i might put my master degree in clinical on hold. and maybe do part time master degree in IO Psychology while working. we always need plan A and plan B kannn....

song of da day: Love Will Remember - Selena Gomez

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