Ze Twisted Heart of Mine

sometimes, an episode in life can give an impact. such a big impact its funny how they changed you. 

my previous relationship was particularly a tough one. maybe he's my karma for the hearts i've broken. 

it made me change the way i am. being attached with someone is not really my favourite kind of thing now.

thus explained me being cold when someone get close, pushing people away when they try to step in. n for the record not replying msges or answering phone calls when its from someone who's trying to be special.

i'm not proud of that. n i'm sorry for being a douche. its just that i dont know how to say in their face, "stop trying so hard, i'm not interested". so by ignoring, i hope they stop. 

i've been broken n it was tough. i'm still in the process of healing. might just wanna take things slow. dun wanna make the next relationship as jus some kind of rebound. so here i am, not stating that my heart is chained blablabla. but in the right moment with the right person, y not right?


that morning, i was dreading from waking up. afraid of facing whats coming. i never put an expectation of its going to b awesome or what coz expectations and hopes can crush me into pieces. trust me, i've been there. 

my frens started calling asking hows my result, n told em that i dont plan to check it. (see how afraid i was?) after some calming words from em, i gathered up my courage. with my sister sitting next to me, hands cold n numb, i went n checked my result. 

looking at the result, i burst out crying. feelings of relief, grateful n happiness flowed inside of me. i got more than what i expected. before checking the result. i told myself that its ok if i'm not going to be in the deans list. just to prepare myself for the worst. but my result turned out awesome. i got 3.93 thats first class honours. so i feel so blessed. alhamdulillah... :) 6As n 2A- (introduction to ethics, social thought and analysis)

thats that.. moving on.. i have problem with my weight. i've been home for a month and a half now. n i've gained like 5kg. say what??????? i know i know. so my goal before going back to UMS is to lose 10kg :0

seriusly can i do that??? when diet is not even in my vocabulary. i cant promise when it comes to food but i can try my best in the working out part. 

song of da day: Settle Down - No Doubt
p/s: i was like so excited for no doubt's comeback. more to like shock at first.

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