Ze Twisted Heart of Mine

sometimes, an episode in life can give an impact. such a big impact its funny how they changed you. 

my previous relationship was particularly a tough one. maybe he's my karma for the hearts i've broken. 

it made me change the way i am. being attached with someone is not really my favourite kind of thing now.

thus explained me being cold when someone get close, pushing people away when they try to step in. n for the record not replying msges or answering phone calls when its from someone who's trying to be special.

i'm not proud of that. n i'm sorry for being a douche. its just that i dont know how to say in their face, "stop trying so hard, i'm not interested". so by ignoring, i hope they stop. 

i've been broken n it was tough. i'm still in the process of healing. might just wanna take things slow. dun wanna make the next relationship as jus some kind of rebound. so here i am, not stating that my heart is chained blablabla. but in the right moment with the right person, y not right?


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