We live In Yesterday

there are places you avoid to go
songs you avoid to listen
words you avoid to use
dates you avoid to write
clothes you avoid to wear
things you avoid to do
names you avoid to say
faces you avoid to picture

just to avoid being reminded of the people or that one person who created those memories with you.

but dont we all know,
that deep down,
they never really leave our minds, do they?

those moments you wish the time will freeze...
those moments you wish it will stuck on replay..

song of da day: Speak now - Taylor swift


xmas is coming. but i hate that we, students of Selangor Matriculation College did not get extra days for holiday. 2 days of holiday in the weekend, what the heck? i wont even call that a holiday since its memang weekend!

i am gonna miss Coach Merlin's xmas gathering. dah lah i miss sooo many gathering already.

so it took only 40 minutes. more or less to go back to home sweet home since i live only in Puchong. bleh. but i dun like to go back for weekend. y? i tell u y.

1st: i'll spent less then 2 days at home if i go back during weekend

2nd: i'm lazy for the hastle. packing, unpacking. i am not really a light packer. so that explains it

3rd: i will not touch the books at all. let alone finish up my tutorial

4th: i have like tons of assignments. i dun mind if its individual. but this is about group assignments i'm talking about. we need everyone to b there. english, dinamika, agama...

5th: that 2 days will just past in a blink of an eye. and once i'm back at college. i'll feel so damn tired all i wanna do is throw myself on the bed and sleep. and when i wake up, i'll feel like "gawdammit! its monday.."

6th: quizzes! its so hard to find a week without any quiz. so, i have to make use of the weekend

and the list goes on....
this weekend, i'm gonna miss Alyaa's(my 3 years old niece) bday partay. ='( how sad...

i miss ppl at home and all my besties(farah,zach,and jeev) dearly...

song of da day: Destiny - MC Jinri feat HaHa

p/s: i listen more to korean songs nowadays. i blame Pika and Mai.

This is Sickening!

Love is in the air... someone please slap me, wake me up and end this horrible nightmare

song of da day: Dancing in the Velvet Moon - Nana Mizuki

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