xmas is coming. but i hate that we, students of Selangor Matriculation College did not get extra days for holiday. 2 days of holiday in the weekend, what the heck? i wont even call that a holiday since its memang weekend!

i am gonna miss Coach Merlin's xmas gathering. dah lah i miss sooo many gathering already.

so it took only 40 minutes. more or less to go back to home sweet home since i live only in Puchong. bleh. but i dun like to go back for weekend. y? i tell u y.

1st: i'll spent less then 2 days at home if i go back during weekend

2nd: i'm lazy for the hastle. packing, unpacking. i am not really a light packer. so that explains it

3rd: i will not touch the books at all. let alone finish up my tutorial

4th: i have like tons of assignments. i dun mind if its individual. but this is about group assignments i'm talking about. we need everyone to b there. english, dinamika, agama...

5th: that 2 days will just past in a blink of an eye. and once i'm back at college. i'll feel so damn tired all i wanna do is throw myself on the bed and sleep. and when i wake up, i'll feel like "gawdammit! its monday.."

6th: quizzes! its so hard to find a week without any quiz. so, i have to make use of the weekend

and the list goes on....
this weekend, i'm gonna miss Alyaa's(my 3 years old niece) bday partay. ='( how sad...

i miss ppl at home and all my besties(farah,zach,and jeev) dearly...

song of da day: Destiny - MC Jinri feat HaHa

p/s: i listen more to korean songs nowadays. i blame Pika and Mai.


Link said...


A Place Called Here said...

link!! miss u dude =(

Link said...

miss you too dudette, been reading your posts looks like you've been having fun ;)

A Place Called Here said...

lol! having fun? really? really link? having fun??? abssolutely not!!!

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