We live In Yesterday

there are places you avoid to go
songs you avoid to listen
words you avoid to use
dates you avoid to write
clothes you avoid to wear
things you avoid to do
names you avoid to say
faces you avoid to picture

just to avoid being reminded of the people or that one person who created those memories with you.

but dont we all know,
that deep down,
they never really leave our minds, do they?

those moments you wish the time will freeze...
those moments you wish it will stuck on replay..

song of da day: Speak now - Taylor swift


Lillianna Flames said...

accurate definition :D

Link said...

hey alice guess what? woonro's back or will be back but is some what back lol you should come play with us again

A Place Called Here said...

really? its still nihad or other gm is taking over? hmm.. i'll think about it once its back. coz college is coming to an END! soon.. teehee.

Link said...

haha still nihad, and a few of the old players, but he's upgraded the server so you might not be able ot play with the old ro files

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