Diary of Alice (by Pika)

One fine night. while i was bursting my head with some trigonometry, Pika was typing sth on my lappy. Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin was playing in the background.

this is what she left for me to read....

Everyday, Alice will wake up at 7:30 in the morning.

She'll play her songs from her phone while putting on makeup (getting ready for class)

She always take my mirror after that just to look at the reflection of her hair. checking if its ok or not.

In the afternoon, she'll have lunch with her practicum frenz at abg bob

After classes, she'll go back and wash her laundry (if she want to)

Then, she'll "lipat kain"

Then, she will sleep till maghrib

At night she will study

And rmmber 'him' of course

If sth happen, i mean sth happen that has sth to do with 'him', she'll definitely get emo, freak out, or lose hope for him.

She's an unpredictable person

She likes to bug me whenever i'm not doin anything or when i didnt go n disturb her. i dunno y

She likes to cry!!

She likes to eat before she goes to sleep (at night). weird... fattening!

She likes to listen to emotional songs lately. i wonder y...

She likes purple and green. i just like her place that is full with purple and green stuff

She'll drink loads of H20 everyday. a very good example.

She often had fights with me. (kids fight lor...) haha *so childish!!

She is just like a kid. eventho she thinks she's a matured, grown up girl. she's not!

She likes Taylor Swift

She hates calculation and Hairi(her classmate)

She likes Biology but she cant stand watching all those stuff that has got to do with cuts and blood. huhu. its a small matter for a doctor la alice... you'll get use to it eventually.


my reaction was like O.o then i goes like -.-" then =) then =D then XD and finally i LOL!
i can say whatever she wrote is 95% true. which of whatever stated in the list is in the 5% that is not true? its for me to know and for you to find out.

p/s: love you loads pika! xoxo

song of da day : Perfect Nightmare - Shontelle


Anonymous said...

damn thats busy day o.o

A Place Called Here said...

lol. i have no life there seriously. =) sad ryt

Anonymous said...

there's always a thing for her to do in every minutes in her life . alice, guess who . haha

A Place Called Here said...

who r u? weird... it doesnt ring a bell

Anonymous said...


Diary of Alice aye?
Let us replace the Band name too....

Breaking your Neck?
if you cant recognize the guy who wrote that 3rd comment... i hope you can recognize me...

A Place Called Here said...

u. i smell brutality and insanity u muz be the one and only kris alvin. am i right? i noe i'm right. =)

Alvin said...

don't worry my good friend, though my brutality and insanity can be felt from afar, i will not cut your head off for asking me if i am gay >_>

i almost fell on the chair while reading that mail of yours actually...LOL

A Place Called Here said...

"where in the blue hell did u get that bullshit" lmao!!!!!! funny shit! nah... just messing around with ya XD

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