Isit an Addiction?

"idk how they know.. lol, someone asked me i forgot since that first time my char landed on pront the guys were like "Kyrutzu?" coz my name is "TheNameIsKyru" so yeah someone asked something about you right away while were saying our "Hais~!!" LOL... so yeah, old woonies ... AJ, Burnsy, Rody, Restyl, Kenneth, Joey(as a GM), Bec(she sang for me and trish last time... she did a lil rap too XD) Trish, Cory, Haven't seen Link yet, of course the Sword weilder nihad, and Ryan(SuperHuman) of you know the guy... and for the record Trish posted her picture on forums... so yeah... if you aren't playing atleast come to vent... maybe the guys missed you... LOL =)) so that's about it... =))"

ohmygawsh!!! right after i read this mail, i've gone crazy. hahahha. i miss woonies!!! i miss everyone!!!

it kills me just to think that i cant play YET. i want to play!!!!!! aaargh!!

song of da day: Cancer - MCR


Link said...

and they miss you too alice, maybe you should just stop by and say hi

Alvin said...

oh yeah!!!

Alvin said...


A Place Called Here said...

link:hell yeah thats exactly what i did. already said hye in forum =)
alvin: of course thats ur mail buddy. whats with the face? u shud feel honoured man!

Alvin said...

yah yah....

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