so she got an A+ in Bahasa Malaysia for SPM. funny thing is, even she herself cant believe she got an A+ she always crack the whole practicum up with errors here and there in speaking Malay.

"Jom main cangkuk"
corrected: jom main congkak

"Sir Roslan tukar tayar kereta buncit"
corrected: Sir Roslan tukar tayar kereta pancit

"Tengoklah pemandangan kepala sawit yang cantik"
corrected: Tengoklah pemandangan kelapa sawit yang cantik

and thats like only some of em. hahahha! well, Chua Hui Peng is one heck of an amazing girl i must say. she has a great personality and superb sense of humour. she never fail to deliver the joy to us (H4P1) and the lecturers. coolness!!
song of da day: Dirty Money - Coming Home feat Skylar Grey


Alan DeGenerous said...

LIKE this post =D
....and Peng too XD

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