Guilty Pleasures

It is something yours truly shouldnt like, but she like it anyway! haha

1. shop like there's no tomorrow
especially when u're not suppose to use that money at all. coz it may result in starvation for the next few weeks and getting an ear piercing blabbering from ur mum and ur elder sister. but u just feel contented looking at all the stuff u just bought. eventho u may feel a lil regret buying sth unnecessary. the good feeling of being independent and the fact that u just shop those stuff all BY YOURSELF beat the guilt =)

2. supper before bed?
yes, i feel guilty for myself here. imagine how much weight i'm gonna put on myself. but i just cant help it. i feel happy sleeping with my stomach full. teehee =) bad bad habit. i know... but no worries, i have the perfect BMI and i have ways to maintain it.

3. movie/novel/sleep when i have tons of work to do
everytime i have endless list of things to do. i cant cope and i dunno which 1 i should start off with, i'll go like aaaargghhh!!!! and i just throw myself on the bed, turn on my lappy and watch some good movies/series. or i'll just sleep with a worried heart. or... i'll just read my chick lit. its like a good therapy u know. coz once u're done doing sth that is not on the to-do-list, u can actually think better and ur engine work just fine after that =)

4. stare at him! (shhhh...! this is a secret)
eventho it will ruin my day, i feel happy like happy-crazy for that moment. and a lil while after that. hahaha.

5. eat raw cookie dough
haha. i still rmmber i always ask mama to save some for me last tym. thats when she's baking raya cookies. and now, when i can bake cake myself (yes i can bake okay) i can always keep as much as i want for myself

6. rocking out or act crazy
this is whenever i'm alone. sometimes in public too! haha. when i hang out with my girlfriends or my buddies. its like the world is urs. and the word *embarassing* is no more in ur dictionary

i cant think of more. and tim is already here, for lunch. ciao!

song of da day : Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri


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