dont tie your heart to a person who has nth to offer you
let it go
its not easy and it might hurt for a while but when u get over it,
you'll see its better

song of da day: Stereo Love - Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina
p/s: look at the total views of this video! wow. its catching Alejandro up


Alvin said...

Alice baby, tell me how to tie a heart... coz i'd love to try it...

jadeyeap said...

Heyy pretty! Yeah I'm making some friends :33

How are you in your uni?

A Place Called Here said...

@alvin: alvin dear.. i dun think i need to explain to you since u're very good at it.

@jadey: heyya!!glad to know that u're doing good there =)
neway, college was okaaay... nth compared to high skool >.<

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