Exam Results Anxiety

i'm worried, scared n nervous for my 2nd sem result...

the reason for this anxiety might b becoz i have zero lvl of confidence to be in deans list. :( (can i cry now??)

its even worst when i think of all the expectations from everyone. there shld be no reason for me not to b in the list. *sigh*

the thing is i dun think i did well this semester. u know the feeling when you walk out from the exam hall. if u do good, u'll have this satisfaction kind of feeling. u walk out with confident n u're gonna b optimistic about it.
but if u screwed up u'll walk out with (ow shit that sucks) kinda feeling. n for the most of the papers, yeah i felt that way :'(

lets go thru one by one shall we

Research Methods

  • mid test - good, in fact i was the highest scorer *wink*
  • assignment - good
  • final exam - bad, like reeeeeeeaaaalllly bad
Personality n Individual Differences
  • my lecturer checked my grade, n he said i got an A (i really hope that he didnt look at it wrongly)
System n Theory in Psychology
  • mid test - bad
  • assignment -so-so
  • final exam - bad   (its a killer subject)                                                                                                                             
  • mid test - good
  • assignment - no idea
  • final exam - good
  • mid test - no idea
  • assignment - no idea
  • final exam - bad 
Introduction to Ethics
  • mid sem - my mark was the 2nd highest overall
  • assignment - screwed up big time
  • final - good (my carry mark is not enuf. i hafta get all 60Q correct in final to get an A) so pretty sure i wont get an A unless the graph decreases. but i dun think so. that rarely happen = /
Social Thought n Analysis
  • mid sem - good
  • assignment - no idea
  • final - good
Mandarin Language Lvl 1
  • mid sem - good
  • assignment - good
  • final - so-so
so yeah... i dunno... i'm not expecting much from my result. i'm just hoping for da best. insyaallah

song of da day - Make You Feel My Love - Auto Pilot (cover)

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