An Open Letter

somewhere in the clouds, i can picture a smile if i stared for a while.
as i'm thinking aloud i just wish you were here though you're nowhere near.
still thinking of you.

Song of da day: Wake Me Up - Avicii

Songs That Makes Me Cry in Pain

this post is not going to be as dramatic as the title. thank you

well, i listen to mainstream music (music that can be often heard on the radio). and my favourite frequency is 95.8 ( but recently i had a change of heart. i started listening to instead coz i got bored with the music in fly.

so there are a few songs that are so freaking annoying my ear will start bleeding, my head will start spinning, my vomit will start vomiting.  i cant stand the songs at all maybe because the music and lyrics sucks, or maybe becoz they keep playing it for an infinite number of times, or maybe its the combination of both. so here you go, 5 songs that when i hear the 1st beat of it, i'll change the frequency right away. and these songs might be fabulous to you since its oh so damn popular but seriusly, its not for me *straight face*

bear in mind that i dont rank em. they are all bad at the same level

1) Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
you know i got no hate at all towards imagine dragons. i love their song Demons like a lot. but tis song, Radioactive is a huge, gigantic, enormous NO

2) Walks Like Rihanna - The wanted
this song has repetitive lyrics like its nobody's business. i know that she cant sing, she cant dance, you dont care coz she walks like rihanna. I GET THAT! now plz go play somewhere else. (die hard fans like my sister is goin to kill me for this)

3) Locked Out Of Heaven - Bruno Mars
i'm a big fan of Bruno Mars ya know but i dont like this song at all. the music, the tune and the background sound i dont know the "musical" terms of it but gawsh. i really hate it. 

4) Here's to Never Growing Up - Avril Lavigne 
i know. i know. how can i not like this song right? but i'm sorry, its not my cup of tea or even my cup of coffee. = /

5) Get Lucky - Daft Punk
everything about this song is annoying to me

so thats that. and i got a bonus song and it is the most annoying song ever. like everrrrrrrrr. say, if i have to choose whether to be stuck in an island forever or i have to only listen to this song all my life. nahh i'd choose the island. its that BADDDDD. again, for me. so here is the song *drum roll*

Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
i seriusly have no idea how is it possible to create a song as annoying as this. they even did mash up of Call Me Maybe and Oppa Gangnam Style. thats the creme de la creme of the worst song ever. like ever *imitating Taylor Swift*

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