This Just In

ok, so this is what just happened. have a good laugh.

i received a text from someone this morning. tis is wat it says,
"hi, i am fren of Joe. there is a delivery for you. mind if u tell me ur block and room number?"

i mean, c'mon how can that not be fishy ryt? so i texted joe if he sent any delivery for me? but unfortunately he didnt reply my text. he must still be sleeping. >.> and so i asked that person if i know him/her (i have no idea the gender of this person). and i asked a few more questions. haha XD i have to be sure okay. coz i am giving out my personal infos here.

but, that person's answers to my questions are all very suspicious. so in the end this is what i replied that person.
"i'm afraid i wont fall for whatever prank u're doing. so have a nice day =)"

and then, just now, joe finally replied me. and he said yeah. he sent me a christmas delivery. and i was like -.- thanx joe for telling me now. i mean cmon, that person is probably cursing me now. sigh.... so i did wht i have to do. i apologise and asked do i still get the delivery. HAHA. gawd, kill me! thank god that person is nice. i suppose to get the delivery in the evening and we end our conversation with christmas wish and smiley. *fuuuuh* <----- sounds of relieved.

song of da day: We Run the Night - Havana Brown feat Pitbull

Merry X'mas Peeps!

my 2 fav xmas song tis year. sorry cel, its not from archie. but last year or was it last 2 years. riu riu chu and pat a pan totally rock! *wink*

All I Want For Christmas is You~~ Michael Buble

Last Christmas~~ Taylor Swift

HOHOHO. have a merry xmas! =)

Sleep Disorder

i've been having crazy nightmares these few days. and its been weeks i'm not getting any good night sleep. i often woke up from sleep for no reason, n wont be able to sleep again.

last night i dreamt of witnessing a gruesome murder case. that killer hang a man. stab that man at his throat and pulled down the knife towards his stomach split his chest to 2 parts and took out his heart. and then that murderer chopped that man head and his legs off. i swear i was frightened to death.

the other night i have a dream of my family members got eaten up by crocodiles.

and the other night i dreamt of getting in a huge row with my mother. i can really feel the hatred built up in me towards her. to be frank, i've felt that way before irl(in real life). but that was loong ago. i really love my mom. the hatred was just a temporary thing. it just vanished be4 u know it. and i never wanna feel that way towards her nemore. i'm a grown up now i suppose. and what happened was just part of the process of growing up. psychologically speaking, adolescence will have better relationship with their parents if they live separately with parents like goin to boarding school. its when u're away apart then only u realise how much u love em.

i have more of unpleasent dreams that i cant rmmber. all i rmmber is i'm scared. very. and i often dreamt of running away from sth scary. well, according to psychology, we have 2 types of dream which is manifest content and latent content. manifest dreams is actually happening to ur life but latent dream is expressed as symbol. my dream is latent content but i cant quite figure out the meaning behind it.

moving on, like i said, i love my mum. i love my dad and i love my family. i always had dreams of goin back home. i guess i'm just homesick. i want to make my parents happy. i know i'm not the best daughter in the world. i am rebellious. i made my parents worried. made em cry and looking back at it. i'm so so sorry. i want to make it up to em. they deserve pleasurable moments in their life, good memories. they r getting older, and i'm getting older too. last 3rd december was my mum's bday, and 17th january next year is my dad's bday. i'm planning to do sth for em. becoz i love em. a lot. =')

p/s: my sisters is goin to Universal Studio in Singapore. that is so freaking fun i tell you and hell yeah i wan to go too! but i'm not jealous or what as long as they got me a nice tshirt. =)

pp/s: make sure u guys get me a nice tshirt ok!

song of da day: i dunno any new nice song. yes i'm very outdated. peace out y'all! *wink*


=p i just hafta talk about Sleeq. they're hawt n cyute. n they really have a very2 nice voice. and i'm in love with this song. well, i dun usually listen to malay songs so if i ever like any malay song, that song muz be off the hook. haha. this is the song. listen to sleeq!!! u'll jus fall in love!!

and this is sleeq!
i like the taller one. syarif <3 =)

more of their cuteness. the red one is syarif =p

hehehe. isnt he jus cyute???!

Happiness Hit Her Like a Train on a Track

i cannot be more happy =) ahh.... life seems very2 nice atm

yes, there were so many good things happened to me

i know i promise you the story of my 1 week mid term hols ryt? i've typed half of it and its soooo bloooody long so i'll just summarise here.

be4 the tournament, my coach treat us 10 players to a spa treatment. how awesome is that ryt??? its my 1st tym and hell yeah i enjoyed it *wink*

then we went b'hari raya at 3 houses:- my coach, futsal coach, and a fren's house. foods are awesome. i get to eat burasak my fav raya dish which i thot i can oni get it from johor. n ooh look at that they have burasak here in sabah too! just cool.

then the tournament, we won 2nd place. but UMS was the overall champion for the Borneo Game. so proud to b a UMS athlete ^^ all contingents participated in that Borneo Game are from IPTA/IPTS from Sabah, Sarawak, Indonesia and Brunei. it was really an awesome experience

then as soon as the university open, i went for another holiday. haha XD well, my uncle and grandma came down here from Johor for a holiday and i joined em. gawsh, i love Kundasang. its a very2 cold and peaceful place. we stay at a lodge and they dun even have air cond or fan becoz they simply dun need it. the water was like melted ice. my hands are numb. the floor is like the ice skating ring (yeah i did exaggerate that a bit, but u get my point) n when we go up to this 1 mountain, there's smoke coming out from our mouth as we speak. how awesome ryt? we also manage to go to the fish spa, zoo, choc factory, mount kinabalu, and a few more places. i forgot. but it was an awesome trip =D

ok then about school. my exam. i got A for Psychology. now i'm very happy because there r only 4 students that get A out of 300+ students. and i'm one of that 4 person!!! isnt that jus off the hoook??? yeahhh... alhamdulillah... =)

u know we have tons of presentation to do ryt? and i've been killing each and every single presentation. i rock! haha. oh, except for Ethnic Relation presentation. i suck. 1st its HISTORY!! 2nd, its in Malay. =/ hmmm... but anywho what happened today was. i have my psychology presentation and i did great. haha XD this is what my lecturer said after my presentation "That was very good and u r one of the best presenter i've seen. your group made a very good choice by choosing you as a presenter. you know what? you have the look, you are tall. you have the package. with a lil grooming in ur skill i'm sure u can be very2 sucessful in broadcasting area. you can speak very well and the way you speak is very good" how can you not be blushing and flattered when you hear this???? mannn!! she made my day =D then after that, she asked me if i'm sabahan or sarawakian? i said i'm from peninsular. and she straight away ask, KL? and ask if i'm a malay. when i said i'm a malay, she asked if i'm a mix blood? i get this all the time.ppl never actually have the thought that i'm a pure malay. oh n last 2 days, a girl suddenly came up to me and said that i have a very unique eyes. HAHA. so random and very funny.

and ysterday english presentation. after the presentation, there's one girl whom i never talked to actually said that i shud be hosting a show in NTV7 or sth becoz i was really good. *blush*  the world shuld really appreciate ppl like this you know. they jus made ur day. =) the feeling is awesome. its like u're walking on top of the world

besides that, a guy, he's studying medical in russia has been calling n texting me from there. i mean, how can u not go "awwhhh...." for that? unfortunately, hmm... i'm not feeling it. maybe i'm jus not into this thing. maybe not yet eventho ppl keep asking me to give a chance for a new someone. BUT i do have a crush on some1 here ok, he is ok lah boleh thn.... he's charming. he looks alil bit like Irwansyah, an indonesian singer. look him up if u dunno who irwansyah is. i've got my eye on him since the orientation week, he's studying psychology too but different minor so its very rare for me to see him. i only see him at the bus stop and the cafe since we're in the same college(hostel) so the other day, we were both waiting for the bus. and as usual the bus was late. and so we had a decent and nice conversation. we sit and talked for quite a tym and talked about alot of stuff but the stupid thing is, we dunno each other's name -.- stupid ryt? but gawd, my heart was like racing so hard at that tym. *starstruck* haha.

so yeah... i guess thats all for now. and oh btw, thanx for reading whoever you are i've got loads of traffic coming in from unknown ppl/source. and the other day 1 person actllly came up to me and said that that person has been a loyal and silent reader. (well, not so silent nemore huh?) haha. anywho... whoever you are. tahnx. i really appreciate it =)

and 1 more thing, i watched loads of movie last week since i have 6 days off. thanx to the convocation. congrats to all you seniors. so i'll just give my own rating here
Twilight The Breaking Dawn Part 1 - 7.5/10
Black Swan - 5/10
Spy Kids 4 - 4.5/10
The Hangover Part 2 - 9/10

song of da day: It Will Rain - Bruno Mars

p/s: too lazy to upload photos. haha. mayb next tym

Sweeter Than Sugar

ok. this is a quick update. as i mentioned in my previous post, we lost to UITM Sabah in a friendly match? yeah. we meet that team in semi final n we kick ass man!!!! we beat them by far.... 43-10. how's that? huh? huh? fuuuuh! revenge is sweeeet XD *evil grin* thats all folks. i'll update you guys with the sports carnival once i'm thru with all the assignments n presentation. (pics will b upload)

song of da day: Criminal - Britney Spears

The One That Got Away

"you didnt love her
you jus didnt wanna b alone
mayb she was good for ur ego
or maybe she made u feel better about ur miserable life
you didnt love her
becoz u didnt destroy the person that you love"

                              -grey's anatomy-

song of da day: Lies - T-Ara


sakitnya hati.... urgh i'm so very upset. yes.
we have friendly match with UITM Sabah yesterday n we lost. so UITM athletes which we thot alaa... kacang putih (easy peasy) prove to us that there r not sth that we can close one eye to take em down. ok here goes the story....

in the previous Borneo game, UMSabah was the champion in netball. therefore there is this kind of pressure where we hafta defend the title no matter what.

so ysterday we hafta go to this place callled Sepayang? i'm not very sure of that name. well, i'm not local. thats y.. haha. the game start at 4pm. i repeat 4pm. BUT, the car came and fetch us at 5pm. so we're already late for like 1 hour. n then, there was this very bad accident that involved a car and a train. it was bad, the car was on fire. i'm really sorry for the accident but jus imagine the traffic! dayumnnnn! we were stuck in the traffic for an hour man!

you do the maths. we were late for for like 2 hours. coach keep calling us asking where in the world are we (oh hell yeah she was really angry with us). once we reach there, without any proper warming up and stretching we straight away play since the other team is going back already. we're really very late rmmber? but we manage to play for 10 mins with em.

gawd we were so lost in the game. its like we're confused, panic and shocked. 1st 5 mins was a disaster. last 5 mins was better but still a disaster. -.- can u imagine how angry our coach was at that tym?? really very angry. scooper duper angry. SIGH....

the whole team was playing like god knows how. gawd. i was terrible. i was sandwiched by 2 defenders n i goes boom! panic. so i was malfunction since i cant move. i tried but the ref will blow me for contact. *another big sigh* combination was out since there's a sudden change with our center player. passing was out since there's no drill at all. *really huge sigh*

the look at UITM athletes' face. gawd like they own it. sigh.....

neway, we still have another match with em which is 2day. so... we're really gonna try our best.  we'll UNLEASH THE BEAST in us. (result for watching too much power rangers)

y we were so devastated is that we're goin to go against this UITM sabah team for the qualification round at the real game. GET IT? we cant lose... we cant freaking lose to em. apart from UITM Sabah, we will also go against UITM Sarawak. wuts with UITM n us man?

song of da day: Let It Go - Heo Young Saeng feat Hyunah
song starts at 0:34

Wish List

i want......

1) A car. for crying out loud its really frustrating and tiring without a car here. sometimes i feel like crying in the middle of the road. no joke!

2) campus life assignmnet free. i know this will b impossible but its my wish list, no?

3)  to go to Phillipines and hang out with my favourite boy, ALVIN. woots! =D i really want this to happen.

4)  to do great in my mid term exam.

5)  to kick ass in netball tournament in Sarawak. i wanna winnnnnn!!!!! somuch pressure coz i'm the goal shooter. i'm so dead if i din do well.

6) to have FUN in Brunei and Sarawak for my mid term hols XD

7) to eat my home cooking and spend time with my family. i really really miss em all *sob sob*

8) more money? for shopping etc HAHAHAHA! i rest my case. tq.

9) more time. ok i'm getting more ridiculous. but sometimes no, most of the time, i just need more time to do stuff.

10) the green cabin size luggage i saw at the mall. its really one of a kind and cyute!! someone buy for me plz....

song of da day: Creep - Radiohead

p/s: i kinda screwed the font color for all i care. off to do assignments.. (see my point about the assignment n time?)


i'm so lucky to have a junior like this very beautiful girl. oh she's my fav =)

i have no idea that my juniors still read my blog up until now.

and tash, thanx so much for the post. i really2 appreciate it.

T.T <----- this was my reaction when i read it. haha.

well yeah, life goes on. i'm so proud of you that u actually manage to go thru that point of life.

u're such a strong girl. n yes, thanx so much for the advise n those experience of yours. THANK YOU!

*hugs* xxxo

well good luck in ur PMR dear. n i have no idea tat u're into French. ya know what? i've always wanted to go to Paris. (i blame Gossip Girl) n yeah i plan to take French next sem. n i must say u're quite impressive with ur french. but i might not b taking french after all coz i think spanish will b easier? so yah, maybe i'm goin to take spanish instead. but i dunno! haha =/ gawd i'm a mess. i dunno if u can even undrstd what i'm crapping about. haha.

neway,thanx again! god bless you. loads of love from meh!

p/s: u guys must b wondering what post right? go to this link My heart goes out to you, Alice :') n its a monday, sept 5 post.

song of da day: Miss You Very Strong - Esther Applunius

KHJ Fever ^^

i dun believe in "forever" or "happily ever after" but i do believe "if its meant to be, it surely will".

well thats that. moving on, i've been watching korean series. like Secret Garden, Playful Kiss, and Boys Over Flower. fyi, I'M SO IN LOVE WITH KIM HYUN JOONG. he's is soooo freaking handsome i tell you!!!!!! gawsh! look him up if u dun trust me =p those you haters. u dun hafta say shits jus get lost ok. hehe.

i love Secret Garden the most. tho there's no KHJ there. i was LMAO throughout the series. see. late night series after all those assignments. another good therapy i must say. neway i was touched by these bits of dialogue that was taken from that particular series.

"not being able to sleep and not eating are just the basics. waking up from sleep is torture. because you dont know how to separate from someone you loved. you cant even tell anyone else. you're afraid they they'll think of him badly. and so, you cry all by yourself. we're over, we're finished. but memories of good times n love often pop up. the more and more you try to erase them, the longer the days get. so its like you're breaking up with him for 365 days. but the thing that hurts the most, is that you dont think that he is even thinking about you. you're doing this all by yourself. that person has already forgotten all about you and now is happy. you really wish you were dead but you dun have the courage all because you're afraid that you wont ever get to see him again. its like that when you break up. your heart is the reason why you're still holding on to him. your feeling, how desperate it is"

haha. neway, 1 thing about me. i am an emotional girl, very. wateva. my star - Cancer. so yah, u shud know. i can cry watching any movies. i repeat any movies. i even cried watching Thor. -.- i know i know.

i love this part of the lyrics. this is the part where you're goin to say "here she goes again". jus let me b ok =)

" Slow, so slow, I fell to the ground on my knees. So don't fall in love, there's just too much to lose. If given the choice then I beg you to choose.To walk away, walk away. Don't let her get you. I can't bare to see the same thing happen to you. Now son, I'm only telling you this because. Life, can do terrible things"



gawd i am so fucking pissed off right now. gawd!!!!! scooper duper angry. argh!

the problem about this place is they dun sell phone reload card. how dumb can they be?? in this entire HUGE university(its really2 huge okay) there's only 1 place that sell that bloody thing. which is in college E. and it is situated very far far end of the world. i hafta take the bus jus to buy that damn thing. bus for that damn bloody thing. and apparently it will take not less than 15 mins to get the fucking bus. i repeat. HOW DUMB CAN THEY BE????? I AM SO PISSED ARGH!!!!!

and 1 more thing, about the ppl here. when they text you and you didnt reply, they'll send another thousand text. gawd dun they know how to call? must they go to school jus to learn to damn CALL if someone didnt reply msges?? its bloody common sense, no? gawd!

this is the good thing about blog. call it old fashion. but i think blogging is a really good therapy.

whats with the spanish title? i'm agog that i'll be taking spanish for next sem.
song of da day: Tear Us Apart - Nadhira feat Ron E Jones

The Quest

so fellas. hee =) my condition is getting better now. condition? the homesickness. the awkwardness in living in the new environment. i'm adapting well. n i dun cry nemore. compare to my 1st week here. gawsh!

so, after the major relationship-with-a-guy issue. my mum, not only my mum but my siblings too have shown me the side that i've never seen be4. they have shown me TLC. like seriusly, the major argument with my mum n the coldness between me n my sis all no longer there. they made it harder for me to leave the house seriusly. like seriusly in case u din get it the first time i said it. hee. i am so touched with the way they treated me n all the things they did. especially my mum xxxo

i love each n every single one of em A LOT. =(

moving on, be4 i came here i have this confident where i think i can rock this course. then every1 started saying that this course is tough, bla bla bla. "this course" is Psychology in case if u dun know. then i was like really? how tough can it b? haha.

so during the psychology introductory class. isnt the professor shud give some speech that can boost up our morale? but instead he went n scare us all with some true facts. "last year out of 2002 students, only 200 manage to get 3 pointer and above and only 1 manage to get 1st class which is 3.65 above" and i got to know that alot of suicide attempt here in ums came from the faculty of psychology n also faculty of science. O.O seriusly? ambik kau. how tough can it b huh? gelak lagi.

so 4 this 1st sem i have 7 subjects that will b counted in my cgpa
1) psychology
2) developmental psychology
3) industrial and organizational psychology
4) english 4 academic reading and writing
5) soft skill 1: language and communication
6) ethnic relation
7) netball

netball? haha. yeah you got that right. thats one of the co-curricular activity. weird that this will also b included in the pointer. initially, i plan to take scuba diving or swimming, or canoe. or wateva as long as its a water base club. but since we got theory n practical test i better pick sth that i'm good at so that it wont affect my pointer. so netball it is. 4 years of theory n practical training that i got during high school. and being a captain of the district team can definitely help me right?

1st day of class, i've been crammed on BRAIN. yes, we're learning about BRAIN for our 1st class. 1 whole chapter within 2 hours. @.@ yes its tough. but nth comes easy right. so yah. work hard alice! i wanna work hard to get in 1st class. i'll mark my own words. wish me luck!

song of da day: Hiding My Heart - Adele

i have photos but too lazy to upload. mayb next tym =/

What A Blunder!

this is gonna b a quick post. -.- my class is at 4pm but i thought it was at 2pm so i went in the wrong class. dgn muka confident giler! -.- say what? so freaking embarassing. the seniors were giving me n my fren (joanne) da look like we're an alien or sth. so here i am in  the library waiting for 4pm to come.

urgh i'm hungry. ok, i'll go take a look at the books n i'll go grab lunch be4 attending class. toodles! =)

p/s: its a lie if i say that i'm totally over him. but i can feel the ache is going away. my heart is finally at ease..

song of da day: Crazy - The Voice Coaches

The 4-1 Majesties Quest

farah cel n i decided to hang out one last tym be4 i fly off to sabah. minus jeev since he's all the way there in india studying medical ='(

so we were wandering around KL. let the pics do da talking aight. =)

look at how happy i am =D oh n fyi, yours truly is now wearing glasses. yah.. my eyesight is no longer perfect yaw
i was somewhere in da middle of KL. that "sorry about your wall =)" is freaking cool, no?

smile like you've never smile be4 =) ngee~
check out those sexy ass. haha XD
Muzium Tekstil Negara
love you farah! xoxo
thats us n none of our face
cel with his crazy kung-fu! haiyah!

n i'm gonna miss you cel xoxo
hell yeah we love malaysia ^^

i was really having fun. =) i always do when it comes to hanging out with my sayangs. love you guys, always =)

song of da day: Moves Like Jagger (cover version) - Arlene
n again, this is better than the original!

p/s: so so so so into ADAM LEVINE. gawsh!!! he's my new obsession!

Signs Your Love Needs A Rescue

hehe. i'm not trying to b a doctor love here. thats jus lameee... well, you know i'm taking psychology for my degree n yours truly is so excited about it. flying off to sabah next tuesday. XD n yah, i came across this article written by a psychologist, Susan Townsend

i'm gonna rewrite it back using my own words(trying to avoid plagiarism here)

1st: he's forgotten a few too many times
like falling asleep that lead to botching plans shows that you're no longer a priority or he's taking you for granted.

2nd: he rarely compromises
if he cant skip his outing with his friends for your date. you hafta start wondering if he really cares.

3rd: he gives weak responses
when he started not to give attention to what you're saying n give response such as "you'll be fine" when you tell him whats bothering you

4th: he wont think ahead
he dun really take part when you wanna plan sth. its like he refuses to settle on the next date. maybe, he's trying to avoid thinking too far into the future with you.

i think thats about it. i hope more or less it helps =)
my relationship? u can say he did everything on the list. =/
oh well, i've clean my inbox. its a tough thing to do.VERY. but its a crime to save all those text when what you're trying to do is to forget him, no?

song of da day: Next To You (cover version) - Conor Maynard feat Ebony Day
lurrrveee this! waay better than the original version ^^

p/s: i am so in love with Adam Levine!! argh!! he's so cyute+handsome! childish yet so charming! u'll know what i'm talking about if u watch TV series The Voice season 1 =)

Kiss Away the Tears

whatever i'm gonna write is 100% true. this is me being honest. this is me putting my ego aside. this is me looking so pathetic n i dun care. coz u're one of the best thing that ever happened to me. thanx for all the memories. i never regret being with you. becoz the memories r really worth the pain. n i'll b the keeper of those memories even if u forget everything. well, i still cry at night up until now. n i still shed a tear at the thoughts of you. i still think about you all the time. so u can quite figure out how much tears i've been wasting on you. i guess there's always that warm place for u in my heart. *shrug*

whenever i sat alone, i went thru our conversation in skype, fb, and all those text in my phone. how it all started. i swear it was so beautiful. its amazing how u make me scream like a mad teenager, jumping around like a kid. i was so happy. feel like i got the whole world in my hand. n while reading, i'll be smiling. overwhelmed by the feeling of sadness and sorrow so I cry as well. with a coinciding feeling of... well, the feeling that makes you laugh out loud, that tickling sensation. those funny stupid jokes that just makes me start laughing. i got lost in bittersweet memories. can u imagine it? cry laugh smile at the same time.LIKE A CRAZY GIRL.drowning myself in tears. *sigh*

after u left, i went out with a few guy. as a friend of course. but i guess my heart still belongs to you. i dun feel any sparks n i was thinking about you all along when i was with em. wishing that its you instead. how does that make u feel huh? its not the same, they're not you. i'll have that big smile plastered at my face when i'm with you.  sigh.. those good times. =) n yah... maybe she's better for you.

well, u're going off to canada 2moro. i wish u da best. y i love you is a hard question to answer.. n you know that this feelings i have 2wards you was like since i was a kid. well u're a very funny guy. n a gentleman. u're visionary n u know exactly what u're doin in ur life. fyi, u got me thinking about our future 2gther ya know. *confession* not even a single guy has ever got me thinking like that. marriage, house, kids. you did. you. I cant explain every way that i love you because thats impossible.But i can say i love you because you are you. rmmber u said? "love is about seeing an imperfect person perfectly" *smiling stupidly* -.- gawsh, save me from myself. well, i came across this malay quote

'bila yg tertulis untukku adalah yg terbaik untukmu,kan ku jadikan kau kenangan yang terindah dlm hidupku'

you, you know who u r. n i dun need to mention ur name. jus so you know, i'm not holding any grudge. not nemore. i believe this is the best for us. if u think things dun really work out between us as a partner for each other i cant help but hoping that we still can b friends. but everything happened for a reason, no? so yeah... =) may god bless you n gud luck in everything you do out there. i realise now that i never really move on. dont i? but i'm letting go. slowly... n i'll reach the end of this one day... 

rmmber wut song? this song has been played for 768647264723 times after u left. i jus need to listen to it everytym i think of you. it has become my lullaby at night. u owe me this. n i owe u cupcakes. so i guess we're even =/
rmmber all the plans u've made with me?
rmmber what post is that? this post. n i meant every word.
n i know that thats not a lie. maybe u jus lost ur way. well, feelings fade away. n i cant blame you. its sth u cant control. shit happens. so yah... i'm not cool with it at first. but i am now.

p/s: selamat hari raya maaf zahir & batin.

but i guess thats jus sth i cant do. i'm not you.

looks like u dont truly love me. i am jus a fool for thinking that everything was real.


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