Wish List

i want......

1) A car. for crying out loud its really frustrating and tiring without a car here. sometimes i feel like crying in the middle of the road. no joke!

2) campus life assignmnet free. i know this will b impossible but its my wish list, no?

3)  to go to Phillipines and hang out with my favourite boy, ALVIN. woots! =D i really want this to happen.

4)  to do great in my mid term exam.

5)  to kick ass in netball tournament in Sarawak. i wanna winnnnnn!!!!! somuch pressure coz i'm the goal shooter. i'm so dead if i din do well.

6) to have FUN in Brunei and Sarawak for my mid term hols XD

7) to eat my home cooking and spend time with my family. i really really miss em all *sob sob*

8) more money? for shopping etc HAHAHAHA! i rest my case. tq.

9) more time. ok i'm getting more ridiculous. but sometimes no, most of the time, i just need more time to do stuff.

10) the green cabin size luggage i saw at the mall. its really one of a kind and cyute!! someone buy for me plz....

song of da day: Creep - Radiohead

p/s: i kinda screwed the font color for all i care. off to do assignments.. (see my point about the assignment n time?)


Anonymous said...

Social life/Enough sleep/Good grades. Choose two. There's the story of your college life. :) When are you coming back to KL? -CEL-

Alvin said...

I'm so like HOLY CHICKEN!! when i was reading your 3rd wish... so i've read it twice... but on my 2nd time reading it, i went WTF!! did my best internet pal just call me "boy" >_> i thought i was treated like a 9 year old or something XD but come to thing of it, i've been wishing the same.... :p

A Place Called Here said...

CEL: i choose social life n good grades. so i shud prepare myself to be a freaking zombie now? n i'm coming back to KL on the 21 jan. already bought the flight tix. miss me huh? haha. will b seeing you n my other sayang soon! i'm becoming so excited jus with the thought of going back HOME. ^^

Alvin: come 2 malaysia once u've finish ur degree alright big guy? =) n i think my sis would love to follow too IF i ever go to philippines. since she's one of ur fan now. haha.

Ya said...

yupppppp ! i would love to follow you and hang out with ALVIN too ! ( if he still remember me ~.~)lol

p/s : i miss you so much and cant wait for 21st Jan

Alvin said...

Fan LOL!! i'll think about it Alice, Walking + swimming to get to Malaysia pretty fun....

@Ya of course i remember you....... who are you again? no srly... WHO ARE YOU!! just kidding sweety!! of course i know who you are.... Azmira hahah!! and i'd love to hang out with you and your sister....

Alice said...

HAHA. funny peeps. neway Al, i've always wanted to say sth in my mails but i always forgot! so i'll jus say it here. wuts with the angry birds PP? dun tell me u love that game. haha. fyi, Ya is a pro in that game. n i freaking hate it coz its freaking frustrating. call me noob wateva. but the game is still sux! bad!

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