earthquake. exactly what i felt this whole morning before checking my result.
the worst out of 3 semesters but i'm still so grateful coz its still first class honours. 3.80 for this 3rd semester. *clap clap*

freakiing B for Organization Psychology i just cant believe it. damn!

neway, i'm excited to start the new semester but sad to leave home. and of course the foods T.T

for 4th semester, 'll be taking these subjects:-
1) Data analysis
2) Experimental Psychology
3) Physiological Psychology
4) Work, Physiology and Ergonomics
5) Infant and Child Development Psychology
6) Parenting and Non-Tradition Families
7) Mandarin Language Level III
8) Fundamental of Entrepreneurial Acculturation

i;m goin to be the busiest this semester and i'm hoping i'll do better this semester

song of da day: Used to You - Guy Sebastian
p/s: its a really beautiful song. perfect for those who r in the mood for some romantic Valentine's Day

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