The Lens of The Heart

I listen to relatable and soothing songs to bring peace to the emotions battling in my heart
When it is really words from the Quran that has more power to do so

I mend a broken heart by replacing it with other human’s love
When it is really closure to Him that I need most

I feel proud collecting and reading those chick lit books
When it is really books on the religion section, I should be reading more

I work hard in perfecting my future
When it is really perfecting my soul that I need to work on too

I am not preaching. I am just a flawed person trying to improve myself
And it is not about a personal struggle. It is more about a humbling experience
It is an eye-opener that brings me back to what I really seek and change things for the better

"we are all traveling through time together
everyday of our lives
all we can do is do our best
to relish this remarkable ride"

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