i'm so lucky to have a junior like this very beautiful girl. oh she's my fav =)

i have no idea that my juniors still read my blog up until now.

and tash, thanx so much for the post. i really2 appreciate it.

T.T <----- this was my reaction when i read it. haha.

well yeah, life goes on. i'm so proud of you that u actually manage to go thru that point of life.

u're such a strong girl. n yes, thanx so much for the advise n those experience of yours. THANK YOU!

*hugs* xxxo

well good luck in ur PMR dear. n i have no idea tat u're into French. ya know what? i've always wanted to go to Paris. (i blame Gossip Girl) n yeah i plan to take French next sem. n i must say u're quite impressive with ur french. but i might not b taking french after all coz i think spanish will b easier? so yah, maybe i'm goin to take spanish instead. but i dunno! haha =/ gawd i'm a mess. i dunno if u can even undrstd what i'm crapping about. haha.

neway,thanx again! god bless you. loads of love from meh!

p/s: u guys must b wondering what post right? go to this link My heart goes out to you, Alice :') n its a monday, sept 5 post.

song of da day: Miss You Very Strong - Esther Applunius


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