The 4-1 Majesties Quest

farah cel n i decided to hang out one last tym be4 i fly off to sabah. minus jeev since he's all the way there in india studying medical ='(

so we were wandering around KL. let the pics do da talking aight. =)

look at how happy i am =D oh n fyi, yours truly is now wearing glasses. yah.. my eyesight is no longer perfect yaw
i was somewhere in da middle of KL. that "sorry about your wall =)" is freaking cool, no?

smile like you've never smile be4 =) ngee~
check out those sexy ass. haha XD
Muzium Tekstil Negara
love you farah! xoxo
thats us n none of our face
cel with his crazy kung-fu! haiyah!

n i'm gonna miss you cel xoxo
hell yeah we love malaysia ^^

i was really having fun. =) i always do when it comes to hanging out with my sayangs. love you guys, always =)

song of da day: Moves Like Jagger (cover version) - Arlene
n again, this is better than the original!

p/s: so so so so into ADAM LEVINE. gawsh!!! he's my new obsession!


Anonymous said...

alice , u'r getting fatter ka ? o my eyes r telling me lies ? hm , wtv . btw , sory xdpt nk wish goodbye . xtau . hehe . sory byk2 bah .. dok sabah stdy elok2 aw . n kalo de rzeki t kte g sabah bole jmpe2 . hehe . hmm <3 u sis ;))

A Place Called Here said...

yes i'm getting fatter. tapi dah getting thinner kat sini selepas seminggu. dah boleh muat la seluar yg originally x muat dipakai. hehe. demam 3 hari tau. haih... neway, do come here ok. its awesome here, seriusly =)

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