The Quest

so fellas. hee =) my condition is getting better now. condition? the homesickness. the awkwardness in living in the new environment. i'm adapting well. n i dun cry nemore. compare to my 1st week here. gawsh!

so, after the major relationship-with-a-guy issue. my mum, not only my mum but my siblings too have shown me the side that i've never seen be4. they have shown me TLC. like seriusly, the major argument with my mum n the coldness between me n my sis all no longer there. they made it harder for me to leave the house seriusly. like seriusly in case u din get it the first time i said it. hee. i am so touched with the way they treated me n all the things they did. especially my mum xxxo

i love each n every single one of em A LOT. =(

moving on, be4 i came here i have this confident where i think i can rock this course. then every1 started saying that this course is tough, bla bla bla. "this course" is Psychology in case if u dun know. then i was like really? how tough can it b? haha.

so during the psychology introductory class. isnt the professor shud give some speech that can boost up our morale? but instead he went n scare us all with some true facts. "last year out of 2002 students, only 200 manage to get 3 pointer and above and only 1 manage to get 1st class which is 3.65 above" and i got to know that alot of suicide attempt here in ums came from the faculty of psychology n also faculty of science. O.O seriusly? ambik kau. how tough can it b huh? gelak lagi.

so 4 this 1st sem i have 7 subjects that will b counted in my cgpa
1) psychology
2) developmental psychology
3) industrial and organizational psychology
4) english 4 academic reading and writing
5) soft skill 1: language and communication
6) ethnic relation
7) netball

netball? haha. yeah you got that right. thats one of the co-curricular activity. weird that this will also b included in the pointer. initially, i plan to take scuba diving or swimming, or canoe. or wateva as long as its a water base club. but since we got theory n practical test i better pick sth that i'm good at so that it wont affect my pointer. so netball it is. 4 years of theory n practical training that i got during high school. and being a captain of the district team can definitely help me right?

1st day of class, i've been crammed on BRAIN. yes, we're learning about BRAIN for our 1st class. 1 whole chapter within 2 hours. @.@ yes its tough. but nth comes easy right. so yah. work hard alice! i wanna work hard to get in 1st class. i'll mark my own words. wish me luck!

song of da day: Hiding My Heart - Adele

i have photos but too lazy to upload. mayb next tym =/


Anonymous said...

good luck and all the best.. I know u can do it!!

i miss you too. No one help me to wash my clothes anymore. hahahaha..

Anonymous said...

and remember 1st class or u will need to donate your money every month to ptptn once you earn ur paycheck :P (which we can actually use them to do some tour)

Anonymous said...

alice , gambate nee~ . n alice , now u noe dat evrythng happen wth reason rght . huhu . n u make me see it . xp alice , stdy btol2 . u can do it , i noe u can. luv yea ;))

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