Signs Your Love Needs A Rescue

hehe. i'm not trying to b a doctor love here. thats jus lameee... well, you know i'm taking psychology for my degree n yours truly is so excited about it. flying off to sabah next tuesday. XD n yah, i came across this article written by a psychologist, Susan Townsend

i'm gonna rewrite it back using my own words(trying to avoid plagiarism here)

1st: he's forgotten a few too many times
like falling asleep that lead to botching plans shows that you're no longer a priority or he's taking you for granted.

2nd: he rarely compromises
if he cant skip his outing with his friends for your date. you hafta start wondering if he really cares.

3rd: he gives weak responses
when he started not to give attention to what you're saying n give response such as "you'll be fine" when you tell him whats bothering you

4th: he wont think ahead
he dun really take part when you wanna plan sth. its like he refuses to settle on the next date. maybe, he's trying to avoid thinking too far into the future with you.

i think thats about it. i hope more or less it helps =)
my relationship? u can say he did everything on the list. =/
oh well, i've clean my inbox. its a tough thing to do.VERY. but its a crime to save all those text when what you're trying to do is to forget him, no?

song of da day: Next To You (cover version) - Conor Maynard feat Ebony Day
lurrrveee this! waay better than the original version ^^

p/s: i am so in love with Adam Levine!! argh!! he's so cyute+handsome! childish yet so charming! u'll know what i'm talking about if u watch TV series The Voice season 1 =)


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