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ok, so this is what just happened. have a good laugh.

i received a text from someone this morning. tis is wat it says,
"hi, i am fren of Joe. there is a delivery for you. mind if u tell me ur block and room number?"

i mean, c'mon how can that not be fishy ryt? so i texted joe if he sent any delivery for me? but unfortunately he didnt reply my text. he must still be sleeping. >.> and so i asked that person if i know him/her (i have no idea the gender of this person). and i asked a few more questions. haha XD i have to be sure okay. coz i am giving out my personal infos here.

but, that person's answers to my questions are all very suspicious. so in the end this is what i replied that person.
"i'm afraid i wont fall for whatever prank u're doing. so have a nice day =)"

and then, just now, joe finally replied me. and he said yeah. he sent me a christmas delivery. and i was like -.- thanx joe for telling me now. i mean cmon, that person is probably cursing me now. sigh.... so i did wht i have to do. i apologise and asked do i still get the delivery. HAHA. gawd, kill me! thank god that person is nice. i suppose to get the delivery in the evening and we end our conversation with christmas wish and smiley. *fuuuuh* <----- sounds of relieved.

song of da day: We Run the Night - Havana Brown feat Pitbull


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