Happiness Hit Her Like a Train on a Track

i cannot be more happy =) ahh.... life seems very2 nice atm

yes, there were so many good things happened to me

i know i promise you the story of my 1 week mid term hols ryt? i've typed half of it and its soooo bloooody long so i'll just summarise here.

be4 the tournament, my coach treat us 10 players to a spa treatment. how awesome is that ryt??? its my 1st tym and hell yeah i enjoyed it *wink*

then we went b'hari raya at 3 houses:- my coach, futsal coach, and a fren's house. foods are awesome. i get to eat burasak my fav raya dish which i thot i can oni get it from johor. n ooh look at that they have burasak here in sabah too! just cool.

then the tournament, we won 2nd place. but UMS was the overall champion for the Borneo Game. so proud to b a UMS athlete ^^ all contingents participated in that Borneo Game are from IPTA/IPTS from Sabah, Sarawak, Indonesia and Brunei. it was really an awesome experience

then as soon as the university open, i went for another holiday. haha XD well, my uncle and grandma came down here from Johor for a holiday and i joined em. gawsh, i love Kundasang. its a very2 cold and peaceful place. we stay at a lodge and they dun even have air cond or fan becoz they simply dun need it. the water was like melted ice. my hands are numb. the floor is like the ice skating ring (yeah i did exaggerate that a bit, but u get my point) n when we go up to this 1 mountain, there's smoke coming out from our mouth as we speak. how awesome ryt? we also manage to go to the fish spa, zoo, choc factory, mount kinabalu, and a few more places. i forgot. but it was an awesome trip =D

ok then about school. my exam. i got A for Psychology. now i'm very happy because there r only 4 students that get A out of 300+ students. and i'm one of that 4 person!!! isnt that jus off the hoook??? yeahhh... alhamdulillah... =)

u know we have tons of presentation to do ryt? and i've been killing each and every single presentation. i rock! haha. oh, except for Ethnic Relation presentation. i suck. 1st its HISTORY!! 2nd, its in Malay. =/ hmmm... but anywho what happened today was. i have my psychology presentation and i did great. haha XD this is what my lecturer said after my presentation "That was very good and u r one of the best presenter i've seen. your group made a very good choice by choosing you as a presenter. you know what? you have the look, you are tall. you have the package. with a lil grooming in ur skill i'm sure u can be very2 sucessful in broadcasting area. you can speak very well and the way you speak is very good" how can you not be blushing and flattered when you hear this???? mannn!! she made my day =D then after that, she asked me if i'm sabahan or sarawakian? i said i'm from peninsular. and she straight away ask, KL? and ask if i'm a malay. when i said i'm a malay, she asked if i'm a mix blood? i get this all the time.ppl never actually have the thought that i'm a pure malay. oh n last 2 days, a girl suddenly came up to me and said that i have a very unique eyes. HAHA. so random and very funny.

and ysterday english presentation. after the presentation, there's one girl whom i never talked to actually said that i shud be hosting a show in NTV7 or sth becoz i was really good. *blush*  the world shuld really appreciate ppl like this you know. they jus made ur day. =) the feeling is awesome. its like u're walking on top of the world

besides that, a guy, he's studying medical in russia has been calling n texting me from there. i mean, how can u not go "awwhhh...." for that? unfortunately, hmm... i'm not feeling it. maybe i'm jus not into this thing. maybe not yet eventho ppl keep asking me to give a chance for a new someone. BUT i do have a crush on some1 here ok, he is ok lah boleh thn.... he's charming. he looks alil bit like Irwansyah, an indonesian singer. look him up if u dunno who irwansyah is. i've got my eye on him since the orientation week, he's studying psychology too but different minor so its very rare for me to see him. i only see him at the bus stop and the cafe since we're in the same college(hostel) so the other day, we were both waiting for the bus. and as usual the bus was late. and so we had a decent and nice conversation. we sit and talked for quite a tym and talked about alot of stuff but the stupid thing is, we dunno each other's name -.- stupid ryt? but gawd, my heart was like racing so hard at that tym. *starstruck* haha.

so yeah... i guess thats all for now. and oh btw, thanx for reading whoever you are i've got loads of traffic coming in from unknown ppl/source. and the other day 1 person actllly came up to me and said that that person has been a loyal and silent reader. (well, not so silent nemore huh?) haha. anywho... whoever you are. tahnx. i really appreciate it =)

and 1 more thing, i watched loads of movie last week since i have 6 days off. thanx to the convocation. congrats to all you seniors. so i'll just give my own rating here
Twilight The Breaking Dawn Part 1 - 7.5/10
Black Swan - 5/10
Spy Kids 4 - 4.5/10
The Hangover Part 2 - 9/10

song of da day: It Will Rain - Bruno Mars

p/s: too lazy to upload photos. haha. mayb next tym


Anonymous said...

Try: "All About Us" by He Is We, ft. Owl City.
Umm...also, Greyson Chance's songs - he's a serious vocalist. "Heart Like Stone", "Stranded" and "Cheyenne" are good songs. :) Also try "Standing in Front of You" by Kelly Clarkson.

By the way, smoke doesn't come out of your mouth when it's cold - there's no name for it; people usually just say "I can see my breath" and everyone understands that it's cold. :) If you really want a name for it, I believe it's "breathe vapour".

I'm glad you've had a good...semester? Me too, for different reasons. Campus life sucks but life out of campus rocks! Happiest month of my year or life (maybe).

Sorry I didn't read this earlier but I'm doing it now so yeah. Get back ASAP. That's all. Cheers. -CEL-

Alice said...

HAHAHAHA. yeah, i can see my breathe. thats y larrr.. i was trying to search 4 the right word. =p n i hafta thank you and calvin 4 da debate experience. u rmmber how i always depended on my palm cards? i din do that no more. i went free hand 4 all da presentation *wink*

and i'll try my best to check out all those songs. thanx a bunch. i'm really behind "whats new" haih....

p/s: i hope u'll have a very nice 1st semester too. cant wait to go back home and see u guys. much love from meh =)

Alice said...
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Anonymous said...

Cheh. If you can't do it like me, then don't do it at all. I'm not even trying to make a good presentation and I'm getting praises from my lecturers left and right. >:) Then again, it's probably because my other classmates are rather...lacking in presentation skills.

Alice said...

cheh... show off lah tu!well, i think i'm 1 step ahead becoz i have bright personality. =p hehe. but u're still da best buddy! =)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, check out Prove You Wrong by He is We, too. Then...Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron and Wine. Also: Love Will Take You by Angus and Julia Stone. And I dunno if you heard it, but Lightweight and Fix a Heart by Demi Lovato are okay too.

Ah yes, if you're feeling a bit retro, you can try Can You Feel The Love Tonight as well as Sacrifice by Elton John. Umm...and last but not least, Elton's Your Song is a pretty swell song too. :)


AnYa said...

hahaha, then approach that irwansyah laa~ haha, im a silent reader? okay, myb not so silent. its great you're having fun!~ iwannameetyousoomuch
ahhh, im crazy over here.. ah well, im crazy anywhere but still. see, im going off topic over here. kite memang tengah gile.

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