Sleep Disorder

i've been having crazy nightmares these few days. and its been weeks i'm not getting any good night sleep. i often woke up from sleep for no reason, n wont be able to sleep again.

last night i dreamt of witnessing a gruesome murder case. that killer hang a man. stab that man at his throat and pulled down the knife towards his stomach split his chest to 2 parts and took out his heart. and then that murderer chopped that man head and his legs off. i swear i was frightened to death.

the other night i have a dream of my family members got eaten up by crocodiles.

and the other night i dreamt of getting in a huge row with my mother. i can really feel the hatred built up in me towards her. to be frank, i've felt that way before irl(in real life). but that was loong ago. i really love my mom. the hatred was just a temporary thing. it just vanished be4 u know it. and i never wanna feel that way towards her nemore. i'm a grown up now i suppose. and what happened was just part of the process of growing up. psychologically speaking, adolescence will have better relationship with their parents if they live separately with parents like goin to boarding school. its when u're away apart then only u realise how much u love em.

i have more of unpleasent dreams that i cant rmmber. all i rmmber is i'm scared. very. and i often dreamt of running away from sth scary. well, according to psychology, we have 2 types of dream which is manifest content and latent content. manifest dreams is actually happening to ur life but latent dream is expressed as symbol. my dream is latent content but i cant quite figure out the meaning behind it.

moving on, like i said, i love my mum. i love my dad and i love my family. i always had dreams of goin back home. i guess i'm just homesick. i want to make my parents happy. i know i'm not the best daughter in the world. i am rebellious. i made my parents worried. made em cry and looking back at it. i'm so so sorry. i want to make it up to em. they deserve pleasurable moments in their life, good memories. they r getting older, and i'm getting older too. last 3rd december was my mum's bday, and 17th january next year is my dad's bday. i'm planning to do sth for em. becoz i love em. a lot. =')

p/s: my sisters is goin to Universal Studio in Singapore. that is so freaking fun i tell you and hell yeah i wan to go too! but i'm not jealous or what as long as they got me a nice tshirt. =)

pp/s: make sure u guys get me a nice tshirt ok!

song of da day: i dunno any new nice song. yes i'm very outdated. peace out y'all! *wink*


Anonymous said...

Dreams don't necessarily have meaning. There's a biological/physiological theory for dreams and that is just your brain trying to make sense of the information you've picked up during your waking moments.

The latent+manifest content is all based on Freud's psychoanalytic theories. He's the one who came up with the conscious/subconscious/unconscious mind thingy. So if you believe your dreams are drawing out on some unconscious feelings you're having...well, I'd say you're feeling pretty upset with your family right now, or maybe you feel murderous and you're taking out your bloodthirsty-ness on your family because you're most at ease with them.


Alice said...

lolololol. thanks cel. =) i forgot u took psychology be4. i forgot to put in, according to freud,s interpretation. ay, heard of any stories about murder while sleepwalking?? intrsting story. and, i love this 1 chapter in psychology which is psychological disorders. i think its very2 intrsting. cel, i think i wanna be a clinical psychologist not an io psychologist.

Anonymous said...

Taufu(Tahu) pun cakap. But being a clinical psychologist is pretty taxing cause you'll be working around the clock and the workload is insane. Still, I'll be covering certain things with you:

You're gonna be best friends with the DSM (Diagnostic Statistic Manual) which basically is a "dictionary" of symptoms that tells you what disorder your patient is suffering from. You must talk to your patient, find out all of his/her problems (mood swings, loss of appetite, hallucinations, sudden feelings of aggression, etc) and check the DSM. Then you'll keep checking to see if the symptoms persist of if any new ones crop up, and again you check the DSM for a period of time.

Once you are certain, you will then diagnose the patient with the disorder that fits the symptoms best. These disorders can be varied: depression, phobias, autism, anorexia, schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder (aka split personalities) etc., etc. Then you'll either give therapies or refer the patient to another psychologist/psychiatrist who can help the patient to function again.

Remember, nothing is "wrong" with these people - they are not crazy or insane or retarded. Calling them that is just plain cruel and insensitive, not to mention stupid. Disorders are merely irregularities in their bodies that blocks their ability to function properly like you and I can.

Anyway, that's not all you have to do. If your job is just to listen to patients and go ticking on a list: "Feeling sad all the time? Check. Don't feel like talking to others? Check. Like to be in quiet places nowadays? Check. Okay you have depression, go take your medicine/whatever" then you'll have one the easiest jobs in the world. No, you also need to study what causes the disorder so you must check medical records, check family background, check everything related to your patient's life. Then you probably must also study HOW the disorder occurs. For depression (as an example), maybe there's an influx of certain hormones that cause the patient to feel sad? Or maybe the patient lacks 'happy' hormones, so the he/she doesn't feel happy anymore (slightly different scenarios, but if you diagnose wrongly, kaboom. Get the picture)?

Eh...what else. So that's just a rough briefing about the whole thing. My lecturer's a clinical psychologist so if you want I can contact her to help guide you on where to go and stuff. You can take a Masters in clinical psychologist; it doesn't matter what degree you get. You NEED a Masters to actually become a clinical psychologist, so it's not too late for you. heck, even if you took the wrong course now, you're only 19. Plenty of time to U-turn and take another path.


Anonymous said...

lates song from me : taylor swift - ours . hehe . sweet ~

Alice said...

my god cel thank you so much!! u really helped me man! and hell yeah i wanna be a clinical psychologist. whatever u describe is actually intrsting to me. my lecturer did touched on the DSM a lil bit. bgut we're goin to learn about that in 2nd semester. and so all i need is to get good pointer in my degree(fingers cross 1st class) haha. to continue with master. and then boom. clinical psychologist. so ur lecturer is a clinical psychologist huh? isit the one that u mentioned to me earlier when we're working last tym? oh no, that 1 is just goin to start her master. eh, but i thot ryt, we need to get PHD then oni can be a freaking psychologist, no? according to my lecturers la.

PIka: thanx, will check that song now. btw, dia buat cover utk lagu "last xmas" very nice.

Anonymous said...

Lol no, you need a Masters to get a job as a clinical psychologist. Yeah it's the same lecturer I talked about. Apparently I was wrong cause she recently got her Masters (last November I think) and no, you don't need a Ph.D. to get a job; that's just plain...well, whatever your lecturers told you, maybe they were teasing you or something.

A Place Called Here said...

tq tq. btw, "happy" hormone. u mean dopamine? ^^ hehe

Anonymous said...

Endorphins, dopamines, adrenaline, noradrenalin; anything that could affect your mood for the better or worse.

Alice said...

y do i feel stupid everytym i'm talking to you? sheesh! >.>

Anonymous said...

Because I intended it to happen. >:) So just make up your mind; if you really want this by the end of your degree, I might be able to help you out.

Anonymous said...

alice ni , tau2 jer tu kte . bru nk wat gimmik . haha . best of luck there . lagu last xmas tu mmg sweet jgk ~ huhu ;)

Alice said...

OH I HATE YOU CEL. and about that, tq. will let you know soon. its too early to give it a say. so yeah =)

Pika: duh~~ siapa je kan yg letak space before titik. haha XD

pika said...

oke , mmg la kn . xaci . xp , t kte tuka writing kte . wat alice xtau . ahahaha . better luck next time yer .. huhu

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