I Want....

Diary of a Wimpy Kid books
Sophie Kinsella (Mini Shopaholic)
new top/dress
an Oxford Bootie
an acoustic guitar
a bicycle
extra large tote bag
to end my foundation already
4.00 for PSPM 2
new flip flop

song of da day : The Way You Are - David Choi & Kina Grannis


Link said...

whats an oxford bootie?
is that young person slang nerd ass?

Anonymous said...

i want.. you

Anonymous said...

then, work for it la..
want it, work it.

from: u know who ;p

A Place Called Here said...

link: owh, i'm a nerd ass now? boo~ and i have put link to enlighten you more about oxford bootie coz its not a friggin slang.
p/s thanx for the hug. totally make me feel better =)

Link said...

SHOES!! i should have know i revoke my statement you is not nerd ass, your back to what was it? fashion model? lol

A Place Called Here said...

hahaha. i wish!! dude, how r u? it has been soooo looonnnggg...

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