Hate This Chapter of My Life God Gave Me

gawd! i am homesick! i am tired of maths! i am tired of endless chapters(syllabus) to master. tired of being afraid. i am feeling so sick! i hate this feeling. i hate exam!i hate the fact that i wanna be a frigging doctor so bad and all i need now is food. and home. and plz! hugs! and sleep... and more food. who wants to be a volunteer to be my victim? coz i really feel like killing somebody right now. T.T i really need a break

song of da day: Marry You - Bruno Mars

p/s: i know this song sounded so off with my post but screw tat!i am addicted to it


Link said...

i heard kyru say he'd like to volunteer to be your victim haha, and my my that's alot of hate :o

Alvin said...

dammit link... why me?, and alice baby i feel you...

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