Over It

at least i've tried. and i wont regret later in the future asking myself what if? what if? what if? even now, i can stop asking myself that stupid question already.

i am officially over him.
its the 1st day of college after a week of holiday and the laziness havent wears off yet. what more, we're going to have another 1 week of holiday next week for CNY. yippie!!! XD

song of da day: Heartbeat - Enrique Iglesias feat Nicole Scherzinger


Link said...

good for you! and omg lucky you another holiday! your just livin tghe dream aren't you!? haha

Alvin said...

it's been sometime now since i check this blog.. LOL it's pretty funny how you live your life XD.. but well, above all you've gotten fatter HAHAHAH!! FATTY, if were ragnarok characters, i am a sexy Sniper, or a cool Assasin... or perhaps a mighty LK... and you're a hhhm... High Wiz? no. Priest? no.. Mastersmith? uhhh nope... Paladin =))

A Place Called Here said...

link: nope. i am far from living the dream. haha =)
alvin: what r u crapping man? or u actually miss our rapping session, so u're trying to do it here? and u miss me playing ro dun u? =p

A Place Called Here said...

and a big NO for i'm a fatty. u know better! -.-"

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