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i was hell sick during the exam week. i feel like i've been hammered down. i cant even get up from the bed. my body temp was 40.4 degree. and i've flunk my maths. i did not study beforehand for maths. and i did not study at all for the paper. sigh...

1 week of holiday after the mid sem exam. what did i do in that 1 week tym yah? oooh a lot of things >.< 13th January
the holiday starts! right after our last paper, Chemistry.

15th January-19th January
fly off to Sabah for a holiday with ma family XD went to a lot of places and did a lot of stuff.
Sabah is soooo for nature lover. and gawsh! seafood. that's my everyday menu. for breakfast,lunch,dinner,supper. fuuuh. i've gone fatter -.-

21st January
went to Mid Valley with college mates. partners in crime includes Mai, Tim, PIKA! we shop, we bowl, we eat, we went arcade-ing aaandd we watched movie. (Faster) its a very nice movie. seriously. i'll give it 8 out of 10.

22nd January
went to a play by Oscar Wilde. The Importance of Being Earnest. this is the 1st tym i went to a theatre. and yah. its a wonderful night. i went to support my best buddy in the whole wide world, Tuan Farah Syafiqah. she is Ms. Prism in the play. went with my other bestie, Zachary Chan Eng Leong. its sad that my other bestie, Jeeveenraaj cant make it. he's celebrating Thaipusam in Penang. Farah did awesome! so proud of her XD wondering how many bestie i got? 3. hahaha. farah, zach, and jeev. we're sooo 1 malaysia u see. we've been best fren since forever. and we loooooveee each other.

23rd January(which is tomoro)
i'll be goin back to KMS. now i can cry T.T

song of the day: Hold It Against Me - Britney Spears

p/s: fyi, Britney is my fav singer of all time and MCR is my fav band.


ok, this is me updating this post. it turns out that i din fail my maths! hahaha. i got a B without studying at all. thank god!!!!


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