a few ppl asked me what is my type of guy. n i was thinking about this so y not blog about it right?

smart ass

now that are basically every woman's dream guy. but lets get real. buzz me if u can find a guy that have the package that include all 4 things listed above. *lift eyebrow*

so back to the question, my type of guy. i'll jus keep it simple coz after all, nobody cares. y bother type for so long. HAHA.

my type of guy is someone i will look up to
my type of guy is someone that puts education first. knows that education is important
my type of guy is not necessarily a good looking person. pleasant in my eyes n its fine
my type of guy must have sense of humor
my type of guy does not have mind like a close container (if u know what i mean)
my type of guy must be someone mature, someone i can depend on and have a nice attitude
my type of guy must be someone who can lead me in becoming a good muslimah

so i guess thats about it.

before i end this post, i jus want to shout out a few general msges to guys out there.
basically, woman feels this way but i might b wrong, maybe its just me.

be yourself. dont go on acting like someone she will like instead of being urself. i mean, how long you can put up with all the act huh?
do not be immature. dont whine or SWEAR if u dun get what you want or when sth pisses you off. u'll jus make urself looking like a fool. be calm and collected whenever possible.
work hard and try to get good grades in ur study.
get ur body posture right! dont slump, keep a straight back.
dont go around smelling like wha? take care of your body odour. and ur image. it doesnt have to be expensive clothes. smart and nice clothes will do. p/s: its a bonus if u have pax and knows how to play musical instruments! :p haha
try to be well rounded. athletic, have good grades, friendly etc etc

this is not swearing, this is what u called humor. dont be a close container :)
i plan for a very brief post but its not my fault this fingers wont stop *wink*

song of da day: Fix a Heart - Demi Lovato


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