A City Kid. more like A Spoilt Kid.

this is a short conversation between my elder sista, Azriana n my younger sista, Azmira

Azriana : what song r u listening to?
Azmira : Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan. check it out!
Azriana : pffft. this song is old...
Azmira : so? ur mum is old u still listen to her.
Azriana : =0 =/ -.-


and Azmira a.k.a Ya here, tend to use the beautiful F word very frequently. maybe it is sth cool nowadays cuz apparently, her circle of frens been using that word like nobody's business too. like in every sentence. -.- call me old fashioned, but i dun think thats really appropriate especially when she called me fucker. i mean, wha? O.O

Azmira : fucker, what r u doin?
Azliza : EXCUSE MOI???
*Azmira walks away*
seriusly. wth? u're only 14!!!

but she only dare to use that word in front of me. coz if she ever say the F word in front of nebodyelse in the house. the first thing my family goin to do is they're gonna incinerate her tounge.  and its not goin to b pretty.

song of da day: Dancing Tonight - Kat Deluna feat Fo Onassis

i love KAT DELUNA. all her songs make me wanna get up there,DANCE n forget the world. =)

p/s: i know she's goin to kill me when she reads this


Azmira said...

lol...i know that i dont dare to use the F word infront of everyone especially kak na..and the bust your windows is so funny lah!!

Azmira said...

dont worry lah, im a good girl, i wont kill u eventhough u talk bad a bout me!!! :P..but hopefully kak na wont read your blog..:(

A Place Called Here said...

BAD NEWS! she read my blog. muahaha! now u're dead meat! ^^

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