Creme De La Crap

so so so so i'm lost for words. what was i wanted to say? ok.. i am a lil tired n sleepy atm.. was trying to lose some weight just now. so yah..

i've been posting alot lately!! gawsh this is the 12th post for the month. wha? O.O haha. u might get tired of me posting already.

you wanna know y? coz i'm dying in boredom at HOME!

wanna hang out? HAHA. i'm broke! so i dun think so. since i am jus you know... staying at home... no school means no monthly allowance. and JOBLESS. i am so frigging lazy to look for a job okayh. i have issues where i feel shy to ask if they're hiring "hey, i'm looking for a job. any free vacancy?" pffft...
therefore.. there's only 1 thing to do. i need to ask money from my dear brothers n sisters. lalalala~

i still havent see the point of this post. -.-

anywhooooo... this is RANDOM! i hate one word text msges. what more, when someone replied "K"
what the...? can u plz at least show more appreciation to my bloody long text? >.>

so the next tym someone replied K, i'm goin to say this.
"K? K what? K the letter before L, the letter after J? Do you know that in JK, K stands for "Kidding". So your reply is "Kidding?" Or K as in Potassium? Do you need some Special K breakfast? K, as in I can K/O you? Can I knock you out and feed you to hungry sharks? Sharks has a K in it".

gawsh, i'm just plain weird tonyt... must b my hormone. owh well, there's one more thing that annoys me atm.
THE RADIO STATION SUCKS! sorry about the caps lock. it makes u scream in ur head, dun it? hehe =p

okay.. i have no idea what happened to good music nowadays? they play the same songs over n over again for an infinite number of times. and mainly all the "lets get wasted tonyt" songs. and the lyrics.. bloody repetitive. i mean, seriusly? i have no problem watsoeva with this kind of songs but it gets annoying coz its not even as good as last time. plus, they need to cut back some commercial okayh! in 1 hour, i can count the number of songs they played with mah fingers.

Alice, enuf with the whining will yah? KTHXBYE.

song of da day: That Should Be Me - Justin Bieber feat Rascal Flatts

i just think i need to ask you to listen to JB's gf song too. Who Says - Selena Gomez & The Scene
p/s: i love this this song but why... why.. it has to be Selena Gomez? yah. i dun like her! from what i know, she stole Nick Jonas away from Miley Cyrus. i love Miley Cyrus. Hannah Montana rocks! but not nemore since she acted like a Britney Spears wannabe. really? we dun need another Spears, do we?

ok where is this going? gawsh u really hafta STOP. -the end-

wait!!! be4 that. one last thought. you know when you walk into sth disgusting/creepy, you automatically turn into a KARATE CHOPPING NINJA! haha XD cool ay?


Anonymous said...

i juz love to write a comment in ur post dear ! haha . k for kidding ? ok , t kte type k n msj alice . it's kidding rght ? so , i'm kidding . hahahahah ! boo~ bia la nk tlis k un . da tga bz or mls nk lyn or pape jer la , tkn k suda ... wekk ;p

Anonymous said...

Yesh we need more Charice, Kelly and David on the radio. Too much "Let's all get laid" crap. I don't know why people want to listen to those thingies. Not even music.

jadeyeap said...


Alice said...

@pika: K! bring it on sista! =p

@zach: charice, kelly n david r not really my cup of tea.. haha. but damn u're right!

@jadey: nope. i dun have tumblr. read urs tho. =) love it!

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