Day 22

There's always a lil truth behind every "just kidding"
a little knowledge behind every "i dunno"
a little emotion behind every "i dun care"
a little pain behind every "its ok"
and a lie behind every "i love you"

song of da day: Tonight Tonight - Hot Chelle Rae


my breathing gets harder as da day comes closer

i'll do a backstory. soon.

song of da day: Lighters - Bad Meets Evil feat Bruno Mars
p/s: i'm addicted to this song Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes feat Adam Levine. heh. this song makes me smile n sad at the same tym. what the heck?

Ms. Alice Takes A Look Around

i'm a lil sad but it is a relief to reject the job offer at Starbucks Coffee =( and stay working at Golden Screen Cinemas instead. yes, urs truly is finally doing sth rather than jus eatsleepeatsleepeatsleep at home.

i cant work during night shift n go back at 1 am? hell to the naw. so, i hafta kiss goodbye to starbucks. well, urs truly is grounded. and i'm practically under my family's watch. it sucks i know, but i'm fine with it now. coz yah... its for my own good.

after the conference with my family which was hell on earth, i got some kind of curfew which i never really had. currently, my work at gsc ends at 6pm, so by 7 sth i hafta be home already or i'll get loads of questions when i reach home. thats y its like a big NO to Starbucks coz i need to be really flexible with the shift n stuff. unlike GSC, i can choose to work only during da day. so, yeah..

i've been dying to work at Starbucks since forever? yes. i wanted to work there after SPM but they're not hiring. n when i finally get the job now, i hafta let it go. sad... y do i wanna work at Starbucks again? coz i simply LOVE Starbucks, i LOVE coffee. n being a barista there is pretty cool ay? yeah..

the manager was really kind and friendly just now. she said, i can come back to her again for the job after my degree ke if i have long hols. but hmm.. i dun think so.  n i got discounts for my coffee. (credit to feeqa) n a very hawt barista (starstruck. haha!) made a special caramel latte for me. so nice of him. teehee. dun b jealous dear boyfie ^^

but whatever it is, gsc is good enuf already... looking at my condition. curfew n stuff. sigh... eventho starbucks obviously can pay more. like a lot more, i can simply watch movie every single day at gsc. oh, which i cant. grounded rmmber? still, i can get 2 free tickets every week. oh, which i cant use. grounded rmmber? -.- maybe i can sell it. HAHA. besides that, caramel popcorn everyday. to be honest, i can vomit already. i am never really a fan of popcorns. so yeah... *huge sigh*

p/s: i seriusly think my right foot is bigger than my left. my Crocs is hurting me!

pp/s: funny how ppl think i'm chinese, phillipines O.o, sabahan, sarawakian, african american O.O, eurasian wherever i go. is my face really that exotic? ppl seriusly hafta stop asking if i'm a mix or what. especially when they started to ask about my grandmother. worst, my greatgrandmother. wha? NO. I'M A PURE MALAY. FULLSTOP. no grandmother all okayh. n i cant undrstnd mandarin. so english plz. tq XD

song of da day: Jetlag - Simple Plan feat Natasha Bedingfield

I Like That!


Honey to the Bee

feel free to click the pic 2 make it moveee
but now, i am..

I Am Me And Only Me

song of da day: Lose My Mind - The Wanted  ='( the song is jus awesome.

Just For Laughs 2

HAHAHA! I had a gud laugh XD

song of da day: Nobody's Perfect - Jessie J

Just For Laughs



sad.. i know.. HAHA XD

song of da day: Changes - Stars

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