Mi Familia

final exam ends and here i am at home bz gaining weight - coz i'm EATING NON STOP. actually i'm not here to rant. i'm here to blog about my family :)

*roll eyes* "oh how cliche" 

do i look like i care?? no. therefore i will still b blogging bout my family ^^

i can talk about em all day, but i'll keep it simple n brief this time.

i was born in a big family. n i'm glad i am. i have 6 siblings, n when they got married. i get in-laws, n when they got pregnant, i got niece n nephews *wink wink* so in total, 18 of us? more or less. haha.

n i love each and everyone of them dearly.

The kids: Ahmad Aiman Firdaus, Ahmad Aidil Asyraf, Muhammad Irfan, Alyaa Batrisyia n newborn Muhammad Imran.
i love kids, so dun blame me if i spoilt my niece n nephews. they're just so freaking adorable how can u not manjakan em. cmon, cut me some slack. n those lil things they did that jus made you go awhh.. like when alyaa greet me with a huge smile at the arriving hall and when she said said (cik alice cantik lah, mcm princess) kekeke and when she said (alaaa.. cik alice jgn la tido lagi..) and when she knock at my door to wake me up in the morning. or when aiman got back home from skool yesterday n saw me the 1st tym since i got back from sabah. he look at me w this huge smile on his face n with his arm open wide to hug me. or when irfan got so excited bcoz i'm goin to go to his house. my point is they're simply jus so frigging adorable.

alyaa getting ready for her kindergarten

my brothers n sisters are so awesome. n so are my in-laws. we'll all meet up once in a while n its havoc i tell you. havoc. n thats how we roll.

n my parents. from the bottom of my heart, i love em :) n whatever i did n whatever i'm doing, my studies n my achievements are all for em. the smile on their face when they're proud of me, i would work my ass off to be able to see those smiles again.

today is my dad's bday. so here i am doing a big shout out to him


i love you. eventhough u always force me to drive ur manual car when u know i suck at driving manual.
i love you. eventhough u always made me cook twice bcoz u dont eat the first dish that i made.
i love you pa :)

we'll b celebrating on sunday n everyone will b there. totally cant wait!

song of da day: Beneath Your Beautiful - Labrinth & Emeli Sande


kak wun said...

EATING NON STOP???? waahh.. i wonder u might lose ur weight triple xxx here(ums) rite..its okei keep eating aah..huhu

A Place Called Here said...

hehe. jgn k.wun x knal alice bukak sem nanti sudah.. :p

kak wun said...

ok lg tu...jgn xlpas msuk pntu flght sudah...dont aa..hahha

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