Dean's List

alhamdulillah... got my result for this semester.. n i got 3.83. when i 1st saw tis on my lappy screen, to be frank, i was disappointed.... of course! becoz i was aiming for 4.0 but then, after a while i got a lil bit esctatic when i heard news bout other students not getting higher pointer than meh! *evil laugh* i only know 1 guy who got 3.91 n apparently he was the highest.

anywhoo... i'm in the dean's list. yayyy me XD n i hope i can keep up with awesome cgpa. cheers to tat!

thats that.. moving on... i wish one day i can get the chance to join The Amazing Race. lets no go tat far.. The Amazing Race Asia will do. with my best buddy in the whole wide world, farah ^^

dun u jus adore her cyute face???
y in the world do i wanna do this ay?
  • becoz i love this show oh so much
  • i've been wanting to do tis since high skool
  • we're both athletic (we're a freaking long distance runner n both an athlete)
  • "you both have great personality!", they said. really? u think so? me think so too! =)
therefore, with that said dun u think i have enough reason to do things like this?

song of da day: Turn to Stone - Ingrid Michaelson

"let's take a better look
beyond a story book
and learn our souls are all we own
before we turn to stone"

 -tis song is so amazing it was made as a soundtrack to Vampire Diaries, Greys Anatomy n a routine dance in SYTYCD-


Mai said...

Haha, OMG gee u really should go! I'll be soo excited that I'll have banners when watching you on tv! haha XD

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