Stroll Down Memory Lane

let the pics do the talking ^^ these r a lil bit of this n a lil bit of that from the past 5 months =)

at Kuala Lumpur International Airport - family sending me off to Sabah. those are my niece & nephews ^^

orientation week. tats me n my roomie..

knowing University of Malaysia Sabah better.....

our stadium
our marine aquarium n museum
beach view from school of business
events i missed... =(
at A&W - Alyaa'a bday party
coach merlin's xmas party
trip to Singapore. cant believe i missed on an amazing experience at Universal Studio. i'm so going 1 day!

Brunei & Sarawak - being an athlete...

we won silver =) but UMS was the overall champion.
proud 2 b UMSian ^^

outings.. fav place is located just next to UMS - 1Borneo

fun at the beach in UMS!

bbq, swimming & stuff =D

hols with uncles' family n granny

my cuzzie.. this place(Kundasang) is extremely cold

breathtaking mount kinabalu view. i recalled having a regret feeling at this moment for wearing a piece of thin top.
went to loads of places. im lazy as hell to upload those pics.

trip to johor n melaka w family right after i reach home for sem break

Jonker Street at Melaka.

Malacca - a beautiful historical city
after my cousin's wedding, we went to Johor Premium Outlet 4 a lil shopping

outing w besties..
wandering around Damansara
an awesome place - KL

its late n i'm tired! so.. thats all folks! toodles =)


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