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its been a month since i started 3rd semester. good lord i cant find a time to update this blog of mine. because i'm 'busy' - busy lazying around. HAHA

but really i'm busy as a bee.

busy watching movies
busy playing netball
busy lying on bed
busy doing god knows what
and busy doing my mandarin works that keeps piling up every week. i finished 1 whole exercise book in 2 weeks. that lao shi is crazeyhhhh.

neway, this semester i took 7 subjects
1) Interviewing & Observational Skill
2) Social Statistic (n i thought i'm done with maths >.> cant believe i have to learn math AGAIN)
3) Personnel Psychology
4) Organisational Psychology
5) Principles & Philosophy in Counseling
6) Group Counseling
7) Mandarin Language Level 2

confidence doesnt seem to be my favourite kind of word at the moment. y? coz its getting tougher every semester. and u keep imagining the worst thing that could happen when u're already on top. FALLING DOWN.

well i hope thats not going to b the case. so yeah... i hope n pray that this semester will b awesome as well. :)

song of da day : La La La - Snoop Lion


AnYa said...

ahh, don't be too down on urself duhh... just do it! ;)

A Place Called Here said...

point taken. thankyou... ^^

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