Cloudy in a Transparent World

sometimes our judgement, mind and feelings get cloudy. u tend to forget ur goal and purpose. and when sth bad happen then only u will wake up and get away from those huge fog that covered ur sight.

but the thing is, how bad of a situation u have to face to bring u back to the right track? and it might be even too late then. 

and so, we always have to keep reminding ourselves. ever so often. because we cant simply go back in time can we?

well. yours truly has been distracted. by sth i'll say really idiotic. shit happened and that was like a wake up call and only then i realised how stupid i was.

its ridiculous that i only seem to be focusing on that WOMBAT thing, and forget what i really am suppose to do. sheesh.... 

but i'm glad that now i have woken up from so called la-la-land, and everything seems clearer.

on a lighter note, i hope all is beautiful in all of ur worlds, love and light. xxxo

song of da day: Red - Taylor Swift


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