You Know You Like Him When....

1) its hard to say goodbye becoz the thoughts of not seeing him is killing you
2) ur post/status r always about him
3) u have the biggest smile when u have thoughts about him or when u see him.
4) ur heart beats fast when he's around
5) he text/call u n voila! perfect day >.<
6) u tend to look for him when he's not around

alice in wonderland syndrome - tis is a mental illness. its like looking thru the wrong end of a pair of binoulars. its as if u're living in a fantasy world of fable. tis is an intrsting n sad syndrome n i'm sure tat i have the syndrome. if its not it then, y da heck does my every moment w the ordinary guy feel like a fable?

song of da day: Missing You - G Dragon feat Kim Yuna


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