responsibility. it is not as simple as it sounds i guess. responsibility of a father to his family. responsibility of parents to their kids. responsibility of daughter and son to their parents.

the third one that i mentioned intrigue me. yeah cuz i'm not a father nor am i a parent, yet.

i still remmber Mr. Rajan (my awesome high skool english teacher) once said "people nowadays seems to forget what they have to do for their parents. instead of giving money to their parents, they give loads of excuses. i have car to pay, household to buy, bla bla bla and the list goes on. but actually they dont realise that parents, giving money to their parents should be on top of the list". 

well thats not the exact word. it was 3-4 years back then? so forgive me. you know, mr. rajan is a guy with loads of interesting, funny and most of the time dirty jokes and stories. haha and he is also a guy with many words of wisdom. but that, those little speech of his that day, left me an impression. "damn!! you're f-ing right sir" - yeah sth like that. haha

you know, these days, salary of RM3000 a month wont be enuf. dunno in other areas but surely it is not enuf in KL. but u cant simply make that as an excuse for u to turn a blind eye when it comes to ur parents. how can you? when it is time for you to give back to your parents. yes, you might not have enuf money to pay this and that but cant you throw a decent 50 bucks??? when you can buy stuff to fulfill your wants?

sometimes, they dont ask money from you or even want your money, but it is simply an express of gratitude and you should do it even if they dont ask without even thinking or calculating. becoz they are your parents that raise you up till u manage to find money on ur own. dont think of it as a burden. think of it as helping or repaying them back for all the things they did for you. wouldnt the joy u brought them will be worth the money you gave? sure u can do so many other things to show that you actually care and love them. but if you're not staying under one roof with them, isnt it a lil hard? coz then you will come up with new excuses "oh i dont have the time", "i'm so bz w stuff"

well this is jus something that i feel like blogging about. n this will be a reminder for me when i have my own paycheck.


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