The 1st Chapter

ok. first of all.. i would like to thank Leo for helping me with the template.. it cost me big tym in fixing the template right.

second, i'm back! this time.. bigger and bolder. ok.. lets cut with the so-not-cool advertisement line. yesh, i'm back.. blogging out loud..

so first semester of college ends. its been a ride. a roller coaster ride. i've learnt soo many things.. i've also learnt that i shud go for law instead of science. but i never regret going to KMS. its where i met a lot of amazing ppl. erm.. amazing + smart ppl.

first week of college was the most torturous week of my life. i still hate the facilitators up until now.

then the real college life starts. it was ok.. at first, until the 1st quiz. MATHS. and my nightmare begin.. i, Alice, confess that i HATE quiz! but who love quiz? if anyone said they love quiz. owh boy, u muz b crazy.

so i'm not a kid born with a super genius brain who absorbs stuff like a sponge. i have to work really hard. i broke down more often then i thot i will b. i love to joke around, i can really laugh, and yes, 1 word to describe me, i'm crazy. unlike most ppl there. very quiet, and serious. its hard for me to fit in. thot i can never make frenz. and thank god i've been thrown to H4P1. a bunch of fun ppl.

Su is the craziest person i've ever met. she look nerdy but hey, get to know her more, she can turn ur world upside down. but when it comes to study, she can b scary. u can see the "dun disturb" sign on her forehead.

Tim is a tomboyish girl. hahaaha but who would have known, she's also the most courteous, polite girl i've ever met. she's shy(tahap gaban) and dun play a fool with her, she can really kick ur ass.

Chua is my class partner. she's one heck of a funny girl. she made my day. withour her, one day in kms will b suckish.

i've started to get close to Mai. when we hang around. i can be me. the bimboish girl. haha. the way i talk, the language i use, and the topics we talk about. only mai can bring out the real me.

Huda the cutie pie, Fifi aka Meluffy Buang, Meiosis with-you-know-who much! and Tyra the silencer.

owh! the boys of course. Hairi, fiqah's boyfie >.< Chaudy my true enemy.. hehe. i am so burning his room =p Waeez the cyute hacker. all the girls r crazy of him.. too cyute to be true. Ah Lam the gentleman.. a boy fren material seriously. Faisal the guy with pink i phone. i repeat. PINK! last but not least Amru. he is very quiet but once he talk or react to a question.. hahaha! he can b very funny i tell u!

so, crushes!! haha. as usual, its Alice i'm talking about here. i got crushes here n there. *no further comment on that. i might accidentally spill all the beans*

my fav subject is Biology. this is where application is less needed. since i'm not so good in applying stuff and i am more to memorizing, that explains y Biology. haha. not to forget Koku. the reason y i like it so much is becoz my koku team rocks! we won almost all of the games every week *wink wink* but towards da end of the semester, i skip koku class a couple of times coz its boring! crappish talks from the lecturers n stuff. my skipping koku class partners: su n chua XD

exam. it is the 1 thing i hate most! i swear i hate it. and i am so not looking forward to study week. its the week where ur cortisol lvl will b at maximum lvl. the week where u wont be seeing ur practicum frens n will miss them like hell. no laughing, no playing around. and of course u will make alot of new frens. best fren. the books. x_x

so, like i've said earlier, i've learnt so many things. but the real question is, will i make use of what i've learnt? lets see the flow in 2nd semester.

Song Of The Day : Taylor Swift - Mean


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