Urgh, Fats!

so i gain like 5 kilos(more or less) in KMS. thats totally gross.

and i know i have to cut back on carbohydrates.. bla bla bla.. i dun give a damn at first. not until i cant wear skinny jeans nemore. waaargh. cant fit in skinny jeans=not skinny=fat! get it?

ok.. i do get annoyed when some skinny girls said. "OMG i'm fat!" hello? if u're fat, then what am i? obese?

erm wait, i do said that too sometimes. haha. its not that i want some atttention or doing that reverse psycho to actually wanting someone to say i'm not fat. its becoz sometimes i do feel fat. when ur shirt feels tight when its not suppose to. i'm sorry if i ever annoyed anyone, i'll try not to say it nemore.

so i dun have netball nemore to keep me fit and slim. and i also dun do sports nemore. my every day routine: breakfast-class-lunch-class-sleep-dinner-study-sleep. thats how i gain all these fats. x_x rice and bread is on my everyday menu. -.-" sweat.. i know.

solution=skipping rope. everyday. i wont do diet. i NEVER did. and will never go on diet. DIET is not in my dictionary.

and finally.. i got to play netball today. and atm, my muscles are screaming in pain. awww... how much i miss netball. it was hell fun! feels like i'm in high skool again.
p/s: coach grew her hair long! >.< and i love the team. they r all such a sweetheart. XD

song of the day: If I Die Young - The Band Perry


sister :) said...

u know what.. "i wont do diet. i NEVER did. and will never go on diet. DIET is not in my dictionary.".. this is pretty much the sentence my friends told me (u know who im talking about right) look at her now..

we shall see in another few years whether u will take back this sentence :)

A Place Called Here said...

sweat lah u!! -.-"

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